Thursday, 8 September 2011

Lockerbie: US demands Libya co-operation

[This is the headline over a report published last night on the Sky News website.  It reads in part:]

US officials are threatening to block the unfreezing of Libyan assets without more cooperation from rebels over the Lockerbie bombing. 

Senators are introducing the Pan Am 103 Accountability Act because of concerns Libya's rebel government is not serious about helping the US investigate the atrocity.

Senator for New Jersey, Robert Menendez, told Sky News the rebels seem to be changing their attitude on the issue in a worrying way.

"From the comments and commitments that were made to me and others to the comments that I have read subscribed to the TNC, it makes me concerned that they may not want to be co-operative," Mr Menendez said.

The move threatens to sour relations between Libya's new government and the US from the outset.

Senator Menendez was one of the senators leading efforts to approve US action against Colonel Gaddafi. (...)

He is demanding that American investigators are given access to Abdelbaset al Megrahi - who was convicted for the Lockerbie bombing and released on humanitarian grounds because he was believed to be dying of cancer.

But he believes there are many others in Libya who have vital information about the outrage.

He says Libya's rebels are talking the talk about cooperating on the issue but not delivering in concrete terms (...)

Transitional government Justice Minister, Mohammed al Alagi, told journalists in Tripoli: "We will not hand over any Libyan citizen. It was Gaddafi who handed over Libyan citizens," he said, referring to the government's decision to turn al Megrahi over to a Scottish court for trial. [RB: Gaddafi did not "hand over" Megrahi and Fhimah for trial. Libyan law does not permit the extradition of its own citizens for trial overseas. Megrahi and Fhimah voluntarily surrendered for trial.]

He said the request by American senators had "no meaning" because al Megrahi had already been tried and convicted.


  1. Wake up and smell the coffee Sen. Menendez. Libya has been, as they say, squeezed until its pips have squeaked, and not a single shred of evidence has been disclosed or 'uncovered' by the Nato and 'Rebel' forces that now largely control the country's political, legal, security and intelligence departments. Close US and Nato confidant Mr Jalil told us in February he had the evidence that Gadaffi was behind the bombing of 103, so why the delay in disclosing this apparent incontrovertible evidence?

  2. The money does not belong to Muammar Gaddafi, Obama said as he temporarily stole it. It doesn't belong to us either, he rightly said - it belonged to the people of Libya (defined as those in rebellion or under their control). They would get it back once they were all on the same page again and Gaddafi gone. And perhaps after some other things. Can they dance for us? Allow a military base?

    To the NTC: Hahaha! Not so easy running Libya, is it? Now admit Libya did Lockerbie, or you don't get your money back, if this bill passes.