Monday, 5 September 2011

From David Cameron's statement on Libya

[What follows is an excerpt from the Prime Minister's statement on Libya to the House of Commons this afternoon:]

Our relationship with the new Libya must of course deal with a series of problems from the past.

On Megrahi, this is obviously a matter for the Scottish Executive. But I have made my position clear. I believe he should never have been sent back to Libya in the first place.

On WPC Yvonne Fletcher, I want to see justice for her family. There is an ongoing police investigation, and the House will wish to know Prime Minister Jabril has assured me of the new Libyan authority’s intention to co-operate fully. [RB: But not, of course, to extradite anyone for trial in England because that, as the Libyan Justice Minister has pointed out, is contrary to Libyan law.]


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  2. What a difference an illegal war makes!

    When Libya refused to extradite Megrahi and Fhinma for the same law the West immediately imposed strict sanctions against Libya which so crippled the country it bought both the accused to voluntarily agree to stand trial in a foreign land to save Libya from more damage (no wonder Gaddafi felt so indebted to Megrahi who instead of being found innocent as expected was convicted).

    Now, from what Cameron has said, it appears we are willing to accept Libya's position on extradition with no more fuss.

  3. So Jabril's a Prime Minister now - I must have missed the elections - democracy Libyan-style, that I thought we were trying to help them get rid of.

  4. An excerpt of David Cameron's statement on Libya has been posted to the Facebook group Who Killed Police Constable Yvonne Fletcher?