Friday, 12 August 2011

New York Times support for US imperial wars

[This is the headline over an article by Stephen Lendman just published on the San Francisco Bay Area Indymedia website. It reads in part:]

The [New York] Times never met a US imperial war it didn't endorse or designated enemy it didn't vilify. Nor are concerns ever raised about constitutional and international law issues, crimes of war and against humanity, or mass slaughter and destruction. (...)

A March 21 editorial headlined, At War in Libya, saying:

Gaddafi "has long been a thug and a murderer who has never paid for his many crimes, including the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103."

Of course, neither he or falsely convicted Abdel Basset Ali al-Megrahi had anything to do with it, what Times writers won't explain. In fact, Scottish judges knew Megrahi was innocent, saying so in their final opinion. [RB: They certainly do not say so. But their approach to the evidence and the flaws in their reasoning make it abundantly clear that he was not properly convicted.] In addition, the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission's investigation called his conviction a gross miscarriage of justice, saying no credible evidence of his involvement exists. Nor Gaddafi's.

In fact, he never admitted fault, saying only Libya would accept responsibility to have international sanctions lifted. Nonetheless, to this day, he stands falsely accused, including by The New York Times.


  1. Seems a bit odd to say Gadaffi never paid for the bombing of PA103. Whether he did it or not, he certainly paid for it. About $2.6 billion, was what I heard.

    He was led to believe that would draw some sort of line under he accusation, but it looks as if he might as well have saved his money.

  2. Gaddafi has really been taken to the cleaners by Britain and America! Not only did Libya pay $2.7bn to the Lockerbie relatives and $170m to the UTA relatives for crimes that Libya did not commit. But Blair's "deal in the desert" and Bush Jr's compensation agreement lulled Gaddafi into such a false sense of financial security that he was encouraged to invest billions of dollars of Libya's sovereign wealth fund in London and New York without any qualms. Until of course in March 2011 when the UK and the US sponsored UN Security Council Resolutions 1970 & 1973 which effectively stole all those investments from the Libyan people!

  3. I don't think then SCRCC described Megrahi's conviction as a "gross miscarriage of justice" or said that no credible evidence for his conviction existed. In fact the writer doesn't know what he is talking about.