Monday, 8 August 2011

A better society is the people's work, says Salmond

[This is the headline over an article published today on the Ekklesia website. It reads in part:]

Working for a better society depends on ordinary people - not just political, civic and faith leaders - standing up to prejudice and injustice, Alex Salmond has said.

Scotland's First Minister made the comment as part of a strong message of support for the Festival of Spirituality and Peace in Edinburgh, which officially launched over the weekend.

Salmond declared that "the Festival of Spirituality and Peace is now firmly established as one of the key Edinburgh International Festivals," and commended its topical programme of conversations about public issues, art, culture, performance and family events.

One of the hottest issues the Scottish Government has faced, the Lockerbie and Megrahi saga, will be aired at the Festival today (Monday 8 August), when Dr Jim Swire, spokesperson for the relatives of the victims, along with Professor Robert Black QC and the members of the Justice for Megrahi Committee will attend a public question and answer session following the only summer performance of David Benson's acclaimed and controversial play, 'Lockerbie: Unfinished Business' at St John's Church, Princes Street, from 4pm.

[Would it not be appropriate and courageous for Alex Salmond (or the Justice Secretary or the Lord Advocate or Justice Department or Crown Office officials) to match the First Minister's verbal support for the Festival with attendance at David Benson's performance? That'll be the day.]

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  1. How wonderful if the First Minister were to look in on this afternoon's performance/Q&A session!

    Will it be televised (or at least recorded for posterity), I wonder?