Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Scottish Parliament committee memberships

Public Petitions Committee
Membership: Neil Bibby, Richard Lyle, Nanette Milne, David Stewart (convener), Bill Walker, Sandra White, John Wilson

Justice Committee
Membership: Roderick Campbell, John Finnie, Christine Grahame (convener), Colin Keir, James Kelly, John Lamont, Alison McInnes, Graeme Pearson, Humza Yousaf

[The full list of all Scottish Parliament committee memberships can be seen here. The biographies of MSPs can be accessed here.]


  1. James Kelly (Labour) is my MSP. He's also Tony Kelly's brother. Tony was Megrahi's solicitor.

  2. Christine Grahame is my MSP.

    I just saw Tony Kelly on Newsnight, once I'd found BBC2 again having dragged an old Freeview box out of a dusty cupboard because they just switched off the BBC2 analogue signal here last night....

    Anyway, I've heard him before and I think he's an opportunistic slimy creep. I wish Megrahi had had a solicitor with a bit more backbone. The whole thing stinks of politics to me.

  3. Am I understanding correctly that some on the prosecution team restructured to be Megrahi's defense? Did I hear wrong?

  4. James Kelly took a very different view to his brother on Megrahi during debates at the Scottish Parliament on this.