Saturday, 4 June 2011

No sell-by date on justice, promises Lord Advocate

This is the headline over a report in today's edition of The Herald. For a brief instant, it crossed my mind that the promise might have some relevance to the Lockerbie case, the miscarriage of justice suffered by Abdelbaset Megrahi and the ongoing quest for truth and justice pursued by relatives of Lockerbie victims, such as Jim Swire, John Mosey, Matt Berkley and Marina Larracoechea. But no. The Lord Advocate's pledge is confined to "cold cases" where there has been no conviction.

In his press statement Frank Mulholland QC says:

“Justice will pursue down the years those who have so far evaded detection for their crimes. The passage of time should be no protection. No-one should escape the consequences of their criminality and the grief this brings to victims and their families.”

Would that that were true in the Lockerbie case.

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  1. Alas, I suspect the evident corruption at the heart of the Scottish justice system will always prevent a close and independent examination of the Lockerbie case... too many vested interests.