Friday, 20 May 2011

Webster investigation and prosecution compared with Lockerbie

The investigation and prosecution that yesterday culminated in the conviction of Malcolm Webster are compared with those in the Lockerbie case in today's editions of both The Herald (1200 witness statements in biggest investigation since Lockerbie bombing) and The Scotsman (Malcolm Webster: Thousand-piece jigsaw on a par with Lockerbie). This suggests to me that the Crown Office publicity machine has been hard at work. It is devoutly to be hoped that appalling deficiencies such as those that have been uncovered in the Lockerbie investigation and prosecution (by the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission amongst others) did not apply in the Webster case.

Because of events at Gannaga Lodge, there are unlikely to be further posts on this blog before Sunday 22 May.

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  1. That had occurred to me, too. However, the Webster case doesn't have the same smell of manipulation and fabricatino to it at all.

    Another thing occurred to me. If this relatively banal "Black Widow" murderer is the next-most-complicated case to Lockerbie, maybe it's no surprise Lockerbie went so spectacularly wrong.