Sunday, 29 May 2011

A review of Lockerbie - Unfinished Business at Dumfries

[The following is taken from an item posted yesterday on Tootlepedal's Blog.]

In the evening, we went to the Buccleuch Centre for the third time in two days, this time to see a one man play. It was a very well researched play based on the experiences of Jim Swire who has been campaigning for many years to get, at the very least, an enquiry into the Lockerbie disaster that is actually making some effort to arrive at the truth unlike the rather farcical trial that was held. It was a very well judged piece of work and well acted. I had not known what to expect at all but I found it very moving and at the same time intensely enraging. It has been very hard over the past two years to see pontificating politicians and journalists referring to Al Megrahi as a mass murderer when it is fairly plain that he wasn’t the perpetrator of the crime at all and this play just reminded you of how poorly the whole affair reflects on Britain in general and Scottish Justice in particular. Not to mention the Americans.


  1. I have always believed, since Day One, that something was amiss with Lockerbie.

    But lately I have begun to take even more interest.

    The rumblings coming from Political Circles in both the U.S. & U.K. recently - in relation to both the "Questioning" of Megrahi's Guilt in The Lockerbie Bombing, and A Possible Forthcoming Public Enquiry into The Case – most definitely indicate, that
    "Something Is (TRULY) Rotten In The State Of Denmark."

    Megrahi being tagged as “The One” in the Mainstream Media keeps everything “nice and neat” … The way a lot of the politicians, it would seem, both here and in the U.S., would like to keep it.

    However, anybody with a fraction of intelligence, who bothers to even examine some of the facts about this case, will soon smell a rat, and in all probability question the possibility, that maybe … just maybe, Mr. Megrahi is being set up to take the rap …
    Cast in the role of The Fall Guy … The Patsy.

    What Is Being Hidden Here?!!!
    …And Why Was Pan Am 103 Allowed To Leave The Tarmac At Heathrow That Day?!!!

    Why Were The Passengers Who Remained On Board That Day - (* Those Passengers Who Were Not Warned Or Advised “NOT TO TAKE THE FLIGHT” …) -
    … Thought Of As Expendable?!!!

  2. Lockerbie's unfinished business and the prime minister David Cameron seem to be inextricably linked!