Sunday, 15 May 2011

Moussa Koussa helping NATO?

[Been wondering what Moussa Koussa is up to these days? The Guardian thinks it knows. The following are excerpts from an article on the paper's website headlined Koussa among defectors 'helping Nato bomb secret Gaddafi sites':]

A network of Libyan defectors, including the former regime stalwart Moussa Koussa, are helping Nato to destroy Muammar Gaddafi's military sites, including bunker complexes from which much of the war has been run, according to senior officials in Libya.

Nato planners have stepped up their operations over the capital, Tripoli, and the western mountains in recent days, despite a strike on the eastern city of Brega early on Friday that killed up to 11 people, many of them Islamic clerics. (...)

Despite almost nightly air strikes, and increasing numbers of daylight attacks on the outskirts of Tripoli, the capital remains under regime control. The city is free of checkpoints and any opposition elements are maintaining a low profile. Discontent – for now – seems directed at France, Britain and Italy, whom residents blame for a critical fuel shortage.

But there is growing anger towards former regime loyalists, first among them Koussa, who defected to Britain in early April after more than 30 years as Gaddafi's most trusted henchman.

The former foreign minister and intelligence chief is understood to have passed on "invaluable" details of the dictator's police state, including the precise location of the regime's most sensitive sites.

"He was the 'black box' of the regime," said an unnamed official who worked with Koussa. "I was with him the day before he left and nobody knew that he was going to do that. Why did he do it? I'd say he must have been emotionally weak. Things must have got to him."

After spending a month in Britain, Koussa is now in Qatar, from where he is believed to be helping Nato map targets.


  1. For information: This story is a typical Media Lie.
    Mr Moussa Koussa deserted Doha in Qatar on 18th April 2011 as a free man in direction > ENTCODED and currently living in > ENTCODED....

  2. Apparently, protesters against the war on Libya are expected to gather outside Downing Street at 5:00pm on Monday 16 May 2011 to demand that Prime Minister Cameron halts all attempts to confiscate Libya's resources and to assassinate Gaddafi.

  3. NATO bombing Imans- Why ?
    Those unfamiliar with the incident last Friday morning that, it's said, killed several Muslim imams on a peace mission to the east.
    In NATO's acknowledged dawn raid on Brega, nine religious representatives were killed (mis-reported as both 11 and 16), with another 45-50 or more injured. There is still some confusion over whether the victims were proper imams or men from the government's bureau of Islamic affairs there to meet the imams (although the latter seems a better fit) - see above link, at the bottom of the article).