Thursday, 7 April 2011

Vincent Cannistraro on Moussa Koussa

[I am grateful to reader of this blog for drawing my attention to this report from 31 March on the American WLTX website. It reads in part:]

Moussa Koussa, the Libyan official who British officials said resigned Wednesday after travelling to England, was a "key organizer" of the bombing, the Central Intelligence Agency's lead investigator into the bombing told CBS News Thursday. All 259 people on the plane and 11 people on the ground were killed when the plane crashed in Lockerbie, Scotland, Dec. 21, 1988.

Vincent Cannistraro, who led the CIA bombing investigation, told CBS News that Qaddafi has long been suspected of initiating the attack.

"Yes, Moussa Koussa was personally responsible for the actual organization of it," said Cannistraro. "The orders to do it clearly came from Muammar Qaddafi himself as everything that happened in Libya over the years did originate with Qaddafi himself."

When Koussa defected to England, he brought with him secrets of his decades-long relationship with Quaddafi. Koussa was once Qadaffi's intelligence chief and is believed to know the intricate details of the Libyan leader's involvement with terrorism.

"Moussa is a person with a lot of blood on his hands over many years," Cannistraro said.


  1. Still searching for words here: when I summon a few I'll pop back.

  2. Vince: "everything that happened in Libya over the years did originate with Qaddafi himself."

    See, that's just not very likely when you think about it.

    For this case, it's applicable. Sure, it was allegedly to avenge his infant daughter's death. But the fact that a fictitious story written in order to implicate Gaaddafi, still implicates Gaddafi and Kusa and whoever, is only a sign you managed to write the story beginning to end, somewhat. Doesn't mean you wrote it well, as we can all see with the evidence now mostly on the table.