Saturday, 9 April 2011

More defectors 'set to point the finger' over Lockerbie inquiry

[This is the headline over a report in today's edition of The Scotsman. It reads in part:]

Relatives of American victims of the Lockerbie bombing are expecting more Libyan defectors to shed further light on the atrocity that killed 270 people.

Those who lost loved ones in the UK's worst mass-murder claim that they have been told that more defectors are set to follow in the footsteps of Moussa Koussa, the former Libyan foreign minister who has defected to Britain.

Frank Duggan, the Washington-based lawyer who represents many of the US families, yesterday said he was hopeful that future defectors would provide more evidence, the day after Scottish prosecutors and police officers interviewed Mr Koussa.

"Moussa Koussa is not going to be the only defector," Mr Duggan said. "I have heard that there are other people who are going to be willing to talk. I doubt that any of them will say anything that would incriminate themselves, but they might point the finger at other people who were involved in the bombing.

"Moussa Koussa is a very smooth character, but he is also a very bad man. He has got blood on his hands. I don't know what he is going to say about the bombing of Pan Am 103, but he obviously knows a great deal. Whether that translates into evidence that the prosecution can use in court for future indictments remains to be seen."

Representatives of the Crown Office and Dumfries and Constabulary travelled to London to meet with Mr Koussa on Thursday. Neither organisation would release any details about their inquiries, saying that it was a "live investigation".

A joint statement added: "In order to preserve the integrity of that investigation it would not be appropriate at this time to offer any further details of the meeting or the details of ongoing inquiries."

Mr Duggan added: "We get updates of these meetings, but they don't say much. I understand that because we don't want to jeopardise the prosecution." (...)

From the police side, questioning was led by Det Supt Michael Dalgliesh, of Dumfries and Galloway Constabulary. Yesterday, First Minsister Alex Salmond said: "I am pleased that Dumfries and Galloway police have had access to Moussa Koussa as requested, and no doubt officers will question him again if required as part of their ongoing investigation. It is very important for the integrity of the process that the police and Crown authorities are given the freedom to pursue their investigation without unwarranted speculation on the substance of their inquiries." (...)

Megrahi is the only man ever to be convicted of the crime, but it has always been suspected that many more people were behind the crime. A second man, [al-]Amin Khalifa Fhimah, stood trial with Megrahi, but was acquitted.

Yesterday it was suggested that he could face a retrial in the wake of reforms to the double jeopardy law, which will clear the way for an accused person to stand trial more than once.


  1. MISSION LOCKERBIE, 2011, (google translation, german/english):
    The Scottish government is blocking the truth finding.

    The Scottish authorities will not hear the truth, because obvious reasons, the SCCRC FILES and the document under NATIONAL SECURITY' (PII) to be kept under secret !
    With the opening of all Documents at least part of the truth is known, for example Mr Abdelbaset Al Megrahi and Libya have nothing to do with the attack on Pan Am 103!
    Mr. Moussa Koussa will be able to confirm the exonerating Fakts...

    Die schottische Regierung blockiert die Wahrheitsfindung.

    Die schottischen Autoritäten wollen aus offensichtlich bekannten Gründen die Wahrheit nicht hören, deshalb werden die 'SCCRC FILES' und das Dokument unter 'NATIONAL SECURITY' (PII), geheim gehalten !
    Mit der Öffnung der Dokumente würde mindestens ein Teil der Wahrheit bekannt, dass Mr Abdelbasset Al Megrahi und Libyen nichts mit dem Attentat auf PanAm 103 zu tun haben !
    Mr Moussa Koussa wird die entlastenden Fakts bestätigen können...

    by Edwin Bollier, MEBO Telecommunication, Switzerland. URL:

  2. Hypocrisy:

    Frank Duggan, the Washington-based lawyer who represents many of the U.S. families. Why do he not stand up at Scottish Justiciary, for opening the 'SCCRC' files and the document under 'National Security' (PII)?
    Frank Duggan and others seem to have large respect for the opening exculpatory facts for Libya's favor !
    Fear from risk and truth oposite to its clients ?...

  3. The "TRUTH ANGEL" Mr Moussa Kroussa turns to a great boomerang for Scotland's Justiciary:
    Dumfries and Galloway Police confirmed yesterday that a meeting had taken place involving officers investigating the case, the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service (COPFS) and Mr Koussa.
    As the investigation remains live, and in order to preserve the integrity of that investigation, it would not be appropriate at this time to offer any further details of the meeting or the details of ongoing inquiries.
    "In the West, nothing new, " it was predictable ...

  4. British Foreign Secretary William Hague has said:

    Hague said that Koussa would not be forced to return to Libya, but “there are quite a range of places that he could go to live”, the Telegraph reports...
    Question on William Hague: Why is Mr Moussa Koussa since 6 days detained in a safety house before the international medias ? One more lie, he is not a free man ?

  5. MISSION LOCKERBIE, 2011, (google translation, german/english):
    The Scottischer Government ("Tartan Crotch") latest truth is not making scents. The TRUTH ANGEL Mr Mousey Kousey turn to a great boomerang. Mr Moosey K. Oosey he buy plenty of my bombes in the eighties that were ticking and he now the TRUTH! (It was acceptable in the 80's - It was acceptable at the time)
    The Grate Jambalaya of West Libbya who is headed by the Profit (not leader) Mummified Gandalfi tonight is happy as the bedouin who weds his 'FRIENDLY' camel to make love time under night sky.
    Mr. Moosay Kooosay will be able to confirm the exonerating Farkts...

    ...I can't not say simpler that this that by all means!

    by Bollieocks, MAKEBOMBES Telecommunication, Switzerland.

  6. sorry the troublemaker "EBOL" is still on life...

  7. gratefully received from gala:

    Ebol (with a capital E). Just when you think, "Oh no, not again, and yet again, and again, from ebol (with a lower case e). In these terrible times one needs a good laugh now and again. That was a good one.

    On a much more serious note, while following the extraordinary developments over the past few weeks and the posts and resulting comments on this blog, these chilling words keep ringing in my ears:
    "Your government and mine know exactly what happened, but they're never going to tell'.
    Muammar Gaddafi, Saif al-Islam, and Moussa Koussa will almost certainly all know too, amongst many others, each with his or her or their own agenda.
    Amid the fog, it seems to be ever clearer that elements within the successive governments of both the US and the UK will continue to do whatever is necessary to keep the lid firmly on their heinous secrets, whatever their motives were and continue to be - and at whatever the cost ($2 or 3 million for the Gauci brothers = small change for the CIA, or was it the FBI, but a lottery win beyond the wildest dreams of a Maltese shopkeeper). If the perpetrator of a crime is also the policeman, or the politician, or the media, or the judge, or they're all in it together, - it's hard to see how a breakthrough might occur other than a whistleblower at the very highest level with cast-iron documentary evidence. Nothing less will carry any weight. Nobody in power can be believed any more (just because they're in power).
    Just for starters I hold the image of The Baroness Thatcher firmly in my mind's eye, - up before the beak where she belongs.

    "It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!" - Upton Sinclair 1878 - 1968

  8. Nicely (and diplomatically) put, Edwin!

    Now see and hear what our mutual Facebook friend, Susan Lindauer, has to say about David Cameron's war on Libya.

  9. In the Sunday Express of 10 April 2011, Charles Norrie called for Libya's former foreign minister Moussa Koussa to be questioned about the September 1989 bombing of UTA Flight 772 which killed his brother, Anthony Norrie.