Wednesday, 20 April 2011


[This is the sub-heading over a post published yesterday evening on bensix's Back Towards the Locus blog. It reads as follows:]

The Telegraph is shockedshocked – that Kramer lookalike, Gaddafi stooge and would-be defector Moussa Koussa, having been allowed to leave the country, isn’t willing to return. Why in God’s name would he? Guilty conscience, maybe? Or did he swear upon his Mother’s grave?

They also seem to think it was some kind of tragic error that he wasn’t kept in Britain. If the government (a) thought that he was complicit in Lockerbie or (b) cared one way or the other do you think they’d let him go? I’m not sure Rudolf Hess was allowed to wander off on holiday to the Seychelles.

Elsewhere, Abdel Jalil, the one-time Justice Minister of the beleaguered Colonel and the man who’s now described as leader of the opposition, has been touring Europe. Now, he made his name by claiming he had proof of Gaddafi’s involvement in the Pan Am bombing. Thus far he’s not disclosed it (or, indeed, what form it takes). You’d think the British authorities would want to speak to him, yet I’ve seen indication that they’ve plans to meet. Y’all forgotten Lockerbie? You know, the atrocity that killed hundreds of people, many of them our citizens? (You know, something that you actually based this conflict on?)

If Libyans were behind the bombing – not impossible – this blithe indifference is revolting. It suggests that the authorities are willing to exploit the act but not to seek the truth of it or hunt down those responsible. If they weren’t then this is also true – with the added bonus that we’re being lied to on a rather grander scale. And, though I hate to say it – well, hate to say it yet again – we’ve seen no decent evidence that they were.

[For the first time since 28 February, this blog has today been accessed from within Libya.]


  1. Now, he made his name by claiming he had proof of Gaddafi’s involvement in the Pan Am bombing. Thus far he’s not disclosed it (or, indeed, what form it takes).

    Isn't it funny. When Jalil first emerged with these claims of "proof that Gadaffi was behind Lockerbie", the press reaction was quite bizarre. They treated it as if this claim was new, and disputed.

    If indeed Megrahi bombed that plane, there was never any question that he would have done so on Gadaffi's direct orders. Surely nobody believed otherwise for a second!

    But wait. There were all these rather sickening images of various western leaders cosying up to Gadaffi, shaking his hand, hugging him, Tony Blair was practically snogging him, while Megrahi was languishing in jail as "the Lockerbie bomber". Had they really forgotten all about that? Hardly. But at the time, Gadaffi's rehabilitation was the order of the day, so it was convenient to turn a blind eye.

    Now, Gadaffi is again public enemy number one. Lockerbie is to be dragged up again and once again attributed to him. But how to get over the embarrassing fact of the hugging and hand-shaking? Oh, let's pretend we always believed that Megrahi was some sort of lone wolf, and that Gadaffi had had no hand in it at all. We're shocked, shocked I tell you, to learn from Jalil that in fact he was the one giving the orders!

    So this was all over the press. The talk of the steamie, pretty much.

    Then Jalil finally announced, live on Newsnight, what this evidence of Gadaffi's culpability actually consisted of. He had evidence, well actually Musa Kusa has the documentation, that Gadaffi spent a ton of money supporting Megrahi and his family while he was in jail, paid for his legal representation, and worked hard to try to get him repatriated.

    Er, yes. We already knew all that. And?

    But that seems to be it. That's the dampness of the squib. And nobody in the media has said a single word about it. To the point that Jalil is still regarded as the man who knows all and might some day tell all.


  2. MISSION LOCKERBIE, 2011, doc. nr.1247.rtf:

    President Nicolas Sarkozy meet to day the head of Libya's rebels, Mustafa Abdel Jalil, in Paris.
    Abdel Jalil now have the Chance to the international media, to preside Proofs that Colonel Gaddafi have orchestrate the "Pan Am 103 bombing" --- And the evidence, that Abdelbaset Al Megrahi have introduced a "Bomb-Bag" on Air Malta, flight KM-180 at Luqa Airport, on 21st December 1988. I wish him lots of imagination for its story...

    Next text only in german:

    Meeting am World Economic Forum (WEF) 2009 zwischen Edwin Bollier und Saif El Islam. (possibility ex Justice Minister Jalil was also present at the meeting ?

    Bei einem Meeting mit Saif El Islam, am 27./28.Januar 2009 in Klosters (Haus Rothschild) während des "WEF" in Davos, wurde mir eröffnet, dass libysche Offizielle Akten-Einsicht in brisante klassifizierte Dokumente im "Lockerbie-Fall" hatten. Diese Unterlagen mussten die USA und Great Britain überzeugt haben, dass Libyen mit dem "PanAm 103 Bombing" nicht in Verbindung gebracht werden kann.

    Mr Saif erklärte mir weiter, dass seine Leute sich für Geheimhaltung verpflichten mussten und somit diese Erkenntnisse erst nach dem Reappeal für die Medien geöffnet werden.
    Leider musste Abdelbaset Al Megrahi, aus fragwürdigen Gründen, das angekündigte Appeal (2. November 2009) zurückziehen...
    Durch diesen Umstand wird bis heute, April 2011, die Öffnung der brisanten *SCCRC-Dokumente und das Dokument unter "National-Security" (PII) durch das Scottish Parliament blockiert. *Die Dokumente verkünden in 6 Punkten ein "Miscarriage of Justice" !

    by Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd. Switzerland. URL:

  3. Doc. nr.1248.rtf. only in german language:

    After the announcement of WikiLeaks: "Lockerbie Bomber Freed after Threats",
    muss es heute Pflicht sein, dass über diese Angelegenheit nachgefragt bezugsweise darüber spekuliert wird...

    1.) Mit welcher Art von "Threats" konnte das "British Government" erpresst werden, um Abdelbaset Al Megrahi vorzeitig frei zubekommen?

    2.) In diesem Kontext müssen weitere Fragen gestellt werden:
    Zum Beispiel, welche "Westminster Group" war der "Risk Godfather" damit Scottish Secretary of Justice, Kenny MacAskill, alleine die gesamte Verantwortung für die grosszügige Freilassung Al Megrahi's übernommen hatte ?

    3.) Spielten Libyen's Erkenntnisse aus den bis heute geheimgehaltenen (SCCRC) files und dem (PII) "Document under National Security", eine massgebende Rolle für die "Threats" gegen UK und der damit erreichten Freilassung Al Megrahi's ?

    4.) Konnte ex Minister Moussa Koussa, der von UK beschuldigt wurde, am PanAm 103 "Bombing" mitbeteiligt zusein, Dank der gleichen "Konstellation" ohne diplomatischen Schutz, als freier Mann, nach Great Britain ein- und ausreisen ?
    Wurde er aus den gleichen Gründen, auf der EU-Blacklist als Nr.24 gelöscht und wurden seine Bankkonten deshalb freigegeben ?

    5.) Durch die hartnäckige Blockierung gegen das öffnen der (SCCRC)- Dokumente und (PII) kann davon abgeleitet werden, dass durch dieses Verhalten, hochbrisante kriminelle Handlungen von "UK Officials" zurück gehalten werden.
    Leaked cables show that the Scottish government knew Megrahi could survive for up to five years after his September 2008 cancer diagnosis, the Guardian reported. Scottish Justice Minister Jack Straw wrote in a secret cable to Washington.
    The cables show that the British government was heavily pressured to release Megrahi, the Guardian reported +++