Wednesday, 9 March 2011

New revelation over Lockerbie air tragedy

[This is the headline over an editorial in today's edition of the Maltese newspaper, The Times. It reads in part:]

A new revelation about the downing of the Pan Am 103 that killed 270 people over Lockerbie in 1988 would have had far more news coverage than it did had Muammar Gaddafi not opted to turn on his own people in an uprising that is threatening to further undermine peace and security in the Mediterranean.

When the Gaddafi regime’s Justice Minister, Mustafa Abdel-Jalil, stepped down a few days ago he was reported telling a Swedish tabloid he had proof the Libyan leader had personally ordered the Lockerbie bombing. The problem is he did not describe the proof but, according to The Sunday Times (of London), the man convicted of the bombing, Abdel Baset al-Megrahi, had warned Col Gaddafi he would “reveal everything” about the downing of the airliner unless he was rescued from the Scottish prison where he was being held.

The story, which is, of course, of direct interest to Malta because the bomb that killed the passengers was said to have started its journey from the airport here – a claim the government has consistently strongly denied – once again opens wide the whole debate over who actually ordered the downing of the aircraft, the motive behind the order and the real perpetrator of the heinous crime. There are analysts who still believe the Pan Am was downed by a Palestinian faction acting in concert with Iran. (...)

It is very important now for the former Libyan Justice Minister to come out with the evidence of the claim he made, if he has any, because if he does not, it would remain just an allegation. Not that Col Gaddafi now needs an allegation of this sort to tarnish his image; his determination to crush his own people for demanding freedom from tyranny is more than enough to stir deep revulsion among the international community, which has unequivocally called for his stepping down.

Even so, the Lockerbie story has not been concluded yet and, with the situation now being so uncertain, it would seem unlikely it would be picked up again any time soon.


  1. MISSION LOCKERBIE, 2011, doc. nr.1079.rtf., google translation, german/english:

    Former Justice Minister, Mustafa Abdel-Jalil can bring no negative evidence against Libya and Al Megrahi, because there is no evidence for his malicious
    story !
    There is only exonerate evidence, that Abdelbaset Al Megrahi and Libya with the attack of Pan Am 103 bombing not was involved. Al Megrahi not want (2009) back to this questionable way to Libya, he was forced out of so *specific reasons, including withdrawal of his promising Appeals. A response (mnemonic) to this matter will arise after the opening of 'SCCRC' files and the document under National Security (PII) reveal.
    *Al Megrahi has consistently maintained his innocence and vowed to stay in Scotland and win his freedom through the appeal courts.

    Ex Justice Minister, Mustafa Abdel-Jalil kann keine negativen Beweise gegen Libyen und Al Megrahi bringen, weil es für seine böswillige Story keine Beweise gibt !
    Es gibt nur Beweise, welche Abdelbaset Al Megrahi und Libyen entlasten in das Attentat auf PanAm 103 Attentat verwickelt zusein. Im weiteren wollte Al Megrahi nicht auf diese fragwürdige Art nach Libyen zurückkehren; er wurde aus speziefischen Gründen dazu *gezwungen; inbegriffen Rückzug seines Erfolg versprechenden Appeals. Eine Antwort (Eselsbrücke) zu dieser Angelegenheit wird sich nach Öffnung der 'SCCRC' Dokumente und dem Dokument unter National Security (PII) ergeben...
    * Al Megrahi hat stets seine Unschuld beteuert und gelobte, in Schottland zu bleiben und seine Freiheit zu gewinnen durch die Berufungsgerichte.

    by Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd., Switzerland. URL:

  2. Mission Lockerbie, 2011, doc. nr.1080.rtf., google translation german/english:

    A new forensic 'Comparison-Proof' about the crucial MST-13 timer fragment (DP/31(a), PT/35(b) Libya finally exonerate !
    The forensic digital images were created by the Scientific Service (Image & Data) of the Canton Police of Zurich and will published in the next few days, on

    Ein neuer forensischer 'Vergleichs-Beweis' über das entscheidende MST-13 Timerfragment (DP/31(a), PT/35(b) entlastet Libyen endgültig !
    Die forensischen digital-Bilder wurden erstellt vom Wissenschaftlichen Dienst (Bild & Daten) der Kantonspolizei Zürich und werden in den nächsten Tagen veröffentlicht auf,

    by Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd., Switzerland.

  3. ALWYA have to scroll past two ebol blocks to post the first real comment.

    This is a weird story and take. It seems to be co-opting the bogusness of Abdel-Jalil (which still probably involves Malta) to support a real probe. It might work with U.S. audiences (something to think about) but in Maalta, I wonder how this is read?

  4. ALWYA was to be ALWAYS. All caps on typos = DOBLE_LPUS BAD