Thursday, 31 March 2011

Moussa Koussa to be interviewed by Crown and police

[This is the heading over a press release issued today by the Scottish National Party. It reads as follows:]

Welcoming the defection of former Libyan Foreign Minister Mr Moussa Koussa, and the statements that they wish to interview him by the Crown Office and Dumfries & Galloway policy, First Minister and Scottish National Party leader Mr Alex Salmond said:

“Moussa Koussa’s defection is a very welcome development, and a clear sign that the Gaddafi regime is decaying from within.

“The Crown Office have confirmed to the UK Government that the prosecuting and investigating authorities in Scotland wish to interview Mr Koussa and pursue all relevant lines of inquiry, which is an extremely positive step forward. Mr Koussa may well have important information to reveal which can assist what has always remained a live investigation.

“Megrahi was convicted by a Scottish Court on the basis that he was a Libyan intelligence officer, and that he did not act alone. This welcome announcement by the Crown Office, and the intention of Dumfries & Galloway police to interview him, will hopefully lead to further information and lines of inquiry coming to light about the Lockerbie atrocity.”

[I am not as sure as Alex Salmond appears to be that this is a conventional defection, as opposed to a diplomatic manoeuvre. I would be amazed if the Scottish investigating and prosecuting authorities got access to Moussa any time soon or, for that matter, tried very hard to do so.]

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  1. According to CNN's correspondent in Tripoli, Nick Robertson, Gaddafi's spokesman confirmed Kosa's resignation.

    It is also reported that the deputy ambassador, Tarek al-Obeidi also resigned in London today.

    Prof. Black: Use your allies on the Gaddafi regime. Why don't you tell your readers what your JFM comrade and Gaddafi loyalist Abdullah Swissy has to say about Kosa's maneuvers? Or did Swissy join you and Swire on the band wagon?