Thursday, 31 March 2011

Koussa's Libya defection welcomed by Lockerbie relative

[This is the headline over a report just published on the BBC News website. It reads in part:]

The Libyan Foreign Minister's defection was a "great day" for families of those killed in the Lockerbie bombing, according to one victim's father.

Jim Swire, who lost his daughter Flora, said Moussa Koussa was at the heart of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's government and "could tell us everything". (...)

Mr Swire said the relatives of those who died "should be rejoicing".

Mr Koussa arrived in London on Wednesday saying he was no longer willing to represent the Libyan leader's regime internationally.

"Koussa was at the centre of Gaddafi's inner circle," Mr Swire said.

"This is a guy who knows everything.

"I think this is a fantastic day for those who seek the truth about Lockerbie."

Mr Swire, who met Mr Koussa during a visit to Libya in 1998, said he was "extremely frightening - more frightening than Gaddafi himself".

He said: "He was clearly running things.

"If Libya was involved in Lockerbie, he can tell us how they carried out the atrocity and why.

"I would be appalled if by now the Scottish police are not in England interviewing Mr Koussa - it is a great day for us."


  1. Is there anything this pathetic man will not do to get in the limelight? Contrast his statements above about Kosa with the statements he made about Abdul Jalil. Why should Kosa be any less likely to tell the British and the Americans the story they want to hear? Kosa was Megrahi's boss. He is more likely to know about Megrahi's activities than Abdul Jalil. He is also more likely to know about Swire's ass kissing of Gaddafi, and the role of Gaddafi's intelligence in the Justice for Megrahi work.

    Here is some of what Swire said about Abdul Jalil:

    "If I were running away from my violent boss of many years in the hope of sanctuary with whatever might replace him, I too might be motivated to try to ingratiate myself with my chosen new protectors by offering them news blackening the name of my former boss,"

    A similar argument was advanced by JFM's Forrester. Why wouldn't this "logic" apply to Kosa? Why should Kosa's testimony against Gaddafi be any more credible than Abdel Jalil's? Kosa needs even more protection than Abdel Jalil, so his motive would be stronger for telling his new protectors what they want to hear. He will be singing like a bird.

    Another point of contrast: Swire says now, "I think this is a fantastic day for those who seek the truth about Lockerbie." This comes now from the same Swire who voluntarily pinned a badge of "Lockerbie truth" on Muammar Gaddafi's chest. Is Swire saying now, this is a fantastic day for Gaddafi? How pathetic! This man will reverse himself as many times as it takes to get in the spot light.

    Swire needs to do two things quickly: (1) Fess up pre-emptively about all his dealings with Gaddafi and his agents, before Kosa does it for him. (2) Start looking for another "cause" to secure another entry into the spotlight.

  2. WARNING!!!!! The media is using snippets of quotes to make it seem Swire and Black believe Megrahi is guilty and Kousa can provide further proof of Libya's involvement.

  3. Warning! Suliman is raving.