Thursday, 31 March 2011

Former Libyan consul in Glasgow expelled

Among the five Libyan diplomats declared persona non grata by the UK Government yesterday and given until 6 April to leave the country with their dependants is Abdurrahman Swessi who was consul in Glasgow during the period of Abdelbaset Megrahi's imprisonment in Scotland. The other four are:

Fareg Alayat
Saad Mhemed
Husein Elghazali
Mahmoud Alsadawi.


  1. So it is more the truth adequate. Some officials in Scotland will have no joy from Moussa Koussa's informations ?
    by Edwin Bollier

  2. This group was expelled before Kosa's arrival.

    Important to note: The expelled "Swessi" has the same last name as Abdullah "Swissy," a founder of the Justice for Megrahi campaign. The two maybe relatives, or not, but for sure the founder of JFM had contact and was coordinating his Megrahi-related work with the expelled diplomat, as he disclosed on Gaddafi-loyalist media.