Thursday, 24 March 2011

Council sure Megrahi still living in suburban Tripoli home

[What follows is from a report in today's edition of The Scotsman.]

The Lockerbie bomber has had "recent" contact with the Scottish council tasked with keeping tabs on his life licence release.

And the council is satisfied he has not moved home in Libya.

Despite reports that Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi had been spirited away by the Gaddafi regime, a spokesman for East Renfrewshire Council, the council tasked with monitoring the only man convicted of the Lockerbie bombing, said it is "satisfied that he is not in breach of any licence conditions".

Sources close to the monitoring authority say the supervising officer in the case is satisfied that Megrahi is still at the same address in a Tripoli suburb.

The council contacted the bomber amid reports he had been moved to a safe house by the Gaddafi regime as coalition UN forces targeted air defences around the Libyan capital.

Part of Megrahi's life licence conditions state he must alert the council to any change of address and agree it with it in advance. It has a secure videolink to the bomber, and call him as and when it deems necessary.

The spokesman added: "The contact is when we need to speak to him. We have done. That contact was very recent."

[A useful counterweight to some of the more imaginative material being published in the Western media.]


  1. I've noticed that commentators and politicians have been using Lockerbie as a device for making their "Libyans? I could live without 'em" fans think that the conflict is in our "national interest". Hrm - where have we seen this before...

  2. MISSION LOCKERBIE, 2011, doc. nr. 1088.rtf:
    The LOCKERBIE-Affair is the Biggest Fraud in the History of Scotland!

    In addition to the Air Malta's -- and Tony Gauci's -- Lies, MEBO proofs confirm: Mr. Abdelbaset Al Megrahi alias "Ahmed Khalifa Abdusamad" may have nothing to do with Pan Am 103 Tragedy.
    The political ex hostage and "Lockerbie Victim nr. 271" Abdelbaset Al Megrahi was suffering innocently between April 6th, 1999 until 20th August 2009, near 10 painful years, in Scottish prisons !
    Mr. Al Megrahi deserves a good home in suburban Tripoli. "Insha' Allah" please bless him and his family. Hal mumken an asaadak ?

    by Edwin and Mahnaz Bollier, MEBO Ltd. Switzerland. URL:

  3. Seems to me the Council should exercise discretion and not discuss these things publicly. Especially when we've already had various rumours about US plans to seize Megrahi if they can.