Saturday, 5 February 2011

Noordkaap, hier kom ek!

My next post on this blog (not before the evening of 7 Febnuary) will be from the tiny settlement of Middelpos in the Northern Cape, South Africa. My internet connection there is painfully slow (and cannot be upgraded) which makes trawling the internet and the blogosphere difficult. I would therefore be grateful for any references to Lockerbie-related news items that readers care to send to me. But no large attachments, please, which take an eternity to download.


    Clinton, Cameron discuss Lockerbie bomber case on the Munich Security Conference MSC 2011: MSC
    The 47th Munich Security Conference MSC, will be held from February 4 to 6, 2011 and will again bring together senior figures from around the world.

    Livestream on URL:

    by Edwin and Mahnaz Bollier, MEBO Ltd., Switzerland, URL:

  2. The new documents show that Britain's ambassador to Libya, Sir Vincent Fean, advised Libyan officials that Megraghi would NEED TO DROP an appeal against his conviction if he were to be released under a prisoner transfer agreement, BUT HIGHLIGHT that officials did NOT WANT to be seen to "unduly influence" the Scottish government's decisions on the case.

  3. To the extent my eyes are peeled for anything good, I'll consider them yours too, Professor.

  4. MISSION LOCKERBIE, 2011, doc. nr.1046.rtf, google translation german/english:

    The entire Scottish "Lockerbie Affair", Swims in a Sea of Lies !

    The real attack on PanAm 103, is edited with the known 3 secret "tricks", after a successful process of a secret action from an intelligence cell:---
    1) with one or more professional "legends" will distracted from the real author (active disinformation) ---
    2) with false or manipulated evidence, someone pulled as "perpetrators" in the responsibility---
    3) and to influence after some time with great professional effort by disinformation and deliberate indiscretion (*active measures) as covert activity to the media, politics, economy and the public...and bred a
    jumble !
    * Operational Procurement and integration of secret information, like WikiLeaks, documents, and used also real objects and descriptions (in its knowledge of the Intelligence Cell) etc.

    There are six grounds by (SCCRC) for believing that a miscarriage of justice may have occurred against Mr Al Megrahi / Libya.
    MEBO predicts: "The Scottish Balloon will soon burst on"!

    +++Bridgen, the Conservative party's spokesman on Lockerbie, said: "The more that we learn about Megrahi's release, the murkier this whole affair becomes." (ANI).+++

    Die gesamte schottische "Lockerbie-Affäre" schwimmt in einem Meer voller Lügen !

    Die reale PanAm 103 Attacke wird mit den bekannten 3 Geheimdienst "Tricks", nach einer geglückten geheim Aktion einer Geheimdienst Zelle weiter verarbeitet: ---
    1.) mit einer oder mehreren professionellen "Legenden" wird vom realen Urheber abgelenkt (aktive Desinformation)---
    2.) mit falschen oder manipulierten Beweisen wird jemand bestimmt und als "Täter" in die Verantwortung gezogen---
    3.) und nach längerer Zeit werden mit grossem professionellen Aufwand, durch Desinformation und gezielte Indiskretion *(aktive Massnahmen) wie verdeckte Aktivität, Medien, Politik, Wirtschaft und Öffentlichkeit beeinflusst und ein Wirrwarr gezüchtet !
    *Operative Beschaffung und Integration von: geheimen Informationen z.B.von WikiLeaks, Dokumenten und eingesetzten realen Gegenständen (nach eigenem Wissen der Intelligence Cell) etc.

    Es gibt nach der Reappeal Com. (SCCRC) sechs Gründe für die Annahme, dass ein Justizirrtum gegen Al Megrahi/ Libyen vorliegt !
    MEBO prognostiziert: "Der schottische Ballon ist bald am platzen" !

    +++Bridgen, the Conservative party's spokesman on Lockerbie, said: "The more that we learn about Megrahi's release, the murkier this whole affair becomes." (ANI).+++

    by Edwin and Mahnaz Bollier, MEBO Ltd., Switzerland. URL:

  5. Godverdomme ebol! Die groot meester regter baas said NO large attachments.
    That's you grounded well, until he gets back to Blighty - wait'n you'll see...


    The Sunday Telegraph can reveal that Mr Rammell met Mr al-Obidi a second time, on Nov17 to again discuss the processes Libyans would have to go through to secure release.
    Mr Rammell’s meeting was followed up with another letter, written by Sir Vincent Fean, Britain’s ambassador to Libya, on Dec 1, which gave legal advice on how Megrahi would NEED to WITHRAW his appeal against his conviction in order to secure his release under a prisoner transfer agreement !
    Question to Professor Robert Black and Prof. Dr. Hans Köchler (UN Observator: Is the withdrawal of the appeal of Al Megrahi in these circumstances (compulsion) valid, or Q status must be made formally returned to the Appeal can be activated ?

    by Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd., Switzerland