Sunday, 20 February 2011

Carlos the Jackal on Lockerbie and Libya

[What follows is from a website that I have just discovered. It bears to be a section from Carlos the Jackal's second book It Is Carlos's Turn to Talk.]

You’ll remember (...) nearly all the Western media stormed over how Libyan Abdelbaset al-Megrahi, who was supposedly the murderer of nearly 300 people in the plane crash after a "terrorist" bomb attack over Lockerbie town in Scotland on December 21, 1988, could be set free. And, they protested about his being saluted in his own country as a hero who they thought was a murderer.

Firstly, I would like to say that Libyan government does not have any connection with this event. Neither Libya nor Libyans were involved in this event from the beginning to the end. It is not a groundless defense, it is the definite truth. Indeed, neither Qaddafi likes me nor I like him. Because he was not honest and supportive to me. Do not think that I’m on the side of Libya as a favor. I'm just trying to express the truth for me. I’m on the side of Libya on this issue since all the Libyan people were attacked under the pretext of Lockerbie with prejudice.

First of all, Abdelbaset al-Megrahi who was imprisoned as the responsible one for this event was the security chief of Tripoli Airport. And, from diplomats to official representatives whoever came to Libya know him like I saw him many times when I was coming to or leaving Libya because he was the one organizing security there.

Similarly, al-Amin Khalifa Fhimah who was tried together with al-Megrahi in [the Netherlands] did not have any connection with this event. He was a station manager for Libyan Arab Airlines at Luqa Airport, Malta. After the judicial process, they let him go back to Libya as his innocence was proved.

But, why was Abdelbaset al-Megrahi given a hero’s welcome when he landed in Libya? He was welcomed like that because he is really a hero, a real hero!

This can be asked: Why did Libya admit that they had responsibility for this event? They did so since they noticed that FBI's evidence that was just "invented" and full of nonsensical things would probably be a pretext for an American attack against Libya. In order to stop this, Abdelbaset al-Megrahi accepted to be tried in [the Netherlands] for of a crime he had never committed. He sacrificed all his life for the sake of Libya, for the good of Ummah and for this duty given by Libyan government. I think, he is a person to be respected by Ummah for his unique bravery. Libya’s being a tribal state cannot overshadow the greatness of this self-sacrifice. You know, since he was seriously ill, he was sent to his country. Although this can be seen as the primary reason for setting him free, another reason behind his release is that Scottish Criminal Justice had new evidence that Libyans were not connected with the bombs used in the attack.

Did the USA not know who and which countries actually organized this operation? Of course, they did. They knew that Libya or Libyans were not responsible, and they also knew the countries behind the attack, but America was afraid of confronting and fighting them. Therefore, they tried to respond by assailing and accusing Libya. At last, Libya got rid of them by sacrificing those heroes and unfortunately by accepting to pay a huge amount of compensation, that is, three billion dollars.

The Scottish lawyer Eddie McKechnie who had defended these Libyans in [the Netherlands] is my lawyer as well. In 2003, he came from Scotland only to visit me in prison. I told him about everything I knew about this issue. We talked from morning till evening and I sent my greetings to his Libyan clients thanks to him.

To underline this issue again, I swear that Libya is not responsible for this attack. Besides, although the USA knew this truth better than anybody, they made up a story and laid the blame at Libya’s door. Because, it was against their interests to talk about the truth. Why? Because, there were high-ranking intelligence officers from the CIA station in the Middle East on that plane, and they all died. Those agents were manipulating some drug smugglers and having covert relationships with them for intelligence and other operations. It was a complicated issue for America which could not be explained. What’s more, the USA was one of the responsible ones of the incident. They were used by the men who they had wanted to make use of and were trapped due to their foolishness. But I want to say something, if Libya can press for the issue in a clever way, not only will the crimes of the USA come to the fore, but also Libya will be able to get back the three billion dollars paid as compensation. This crime of the USA is not only against Libya, but also against all of humanity. It is an unheard-of justice scandal and a political complot organized shamelessly. That’s what I can say about this issue.


  1. Sadly, Gaddafi is demonstrating to the world by killing his own people that he is a ruthless psychopath - what sympathy to previous events does his present actions endear? None - watch support for this campaign suffer, accordingly.

  2. sorry, flash news

    The 'fifth-Column' of a 'Subversive-Network' not can destroy Libya's well-functioning GREEN BOOK DEMOCRACY !
    We have seen in TV that some criminals with massive demonstrations will bring the security of Libya and its people into risk, but not can destroy Libya's well-functioning GREEN BOOK DEMOCRACY. They will get their just punishment.
    Most of the Libyan people are in good connection with their Leader Muammar al-Gaddafi and his army. His "Green System" is deeply rooted in the population. Sins 9am, 20/02/2011, the situation is under the control of Libyan security.
    Die 'fünfte Kolonne' eines subversiven Netzwerks kann Libya's gut funktionierende GREEN BOOK-DEMOCRACY nicht zerstören !
    Wir sehen im Fernsehen, dass Kriminelle massiv mit "Demonstrationen" die Sicherheit Libyens und seiner Bewohner gefährden und die bewährte GREEN BOOK DEMOCRACY zerstören wollen. Sie werden ihre gerechte Strafe bekommen..
    Der grösste Teil des libyschen Volkes steht zu ihrem Leader Muammar al-Gaddafi und seiner Armee. Sein "grünes System" ist in der Bevölkerung tief verankert. Seit 09 Uhr, 20.02. 2011, die Situation ist unter libyscher Kontrolle.

  3. Where is Ronald Reagan when we need him?

  4. Nothing about restoring Colonel Gaddafi's "honour and dignity" Ebol? Are you going to Tripoli to defend your hero?

    I think my views have been vindicated. Libya was blamed for Lockerbie for reasons largely but not entirely unrelated for motives that could be described as laudable. My only objection is, as V.I.Ramirez points out below, the West colluded in the bombing. The object of the indictment of Megrahi and Fhimah was not a trial but sanctions against Libya with the object of regime change. That policy failed but the Libyan regime's external policies were modified doubtless saving many lives. I hope today is the day of liberation for the people of Libya.

  5. Thank you, baz. We think it is only a matter of days, and the Gaddafi regime will be brought down. Watch it here. After that we will deal with Gaddafi's whores from Switzerland to Seattle, by way of Scotland. What Mr. Bollier did in the past, and what he is doing now is no more egregious than what Mr. Forrester and Prof. Black have done by lending credence to the Gaddafi terrorists. The thugs who are now shooting Libyan youth with 50 caliber weapons are the same ones whose support was sought by the Justice for Megrahi Campaign through its founder Abdullah Swissy.

    Robert Forrester, Professor Robert Black, and Dr. Jim Swire should now be asked to defend their calls for support by "The sons of the Great Revolution," as their partner Swissy called them.

    Prof. Black: I hope you are following what your comrades in the campaign for justice are doing. I hope you can face your conscience now and justify your affront to Justice before the people of Scotland and Libya.

  6. Suli, what is different all of a sudden about what Prof. Blackk's comrades are doing? We have been discussing the same issues and fact, which you still ignore, this whole time, irrespective of what's going on in Libya.

    The facts are still the same. He could gas his whole population, God forbid, and still have been framed for Lockerbie, allowing the real killers to go free. And you're still adding your voice to that escape cover, for your own vendetta.

    But now you're looking to "deal with" the "whores" from Switzerland (where a certain clown no one here likes lives) to Seattle, which is pretty close to where I live. Huh! Wouldn't mind meeting you face to face some day, Suli not man.

  7. It seems very strange to me that some posters feel that pointing out that Gadaffi is an evil murdering bastard must prove he bombed PA103.

    There are an awful lot of evil murdering bastards in the world. The question here is quite simply, which evil murdering bastard bombed PA103. Gadaffi and his regime are not solely responsible for all the evil (and terrorism) in the world.

  8. Rolfe: Problem is, if you are defending an innocent man on a murder charge and he then commits murders, he then makes it extremely hard for you to defend him.
    For the campaign, the current event in Libya was the worst possible development - if all the 'Megrahi release' stuff tended to defocus minds, and aid detractors who conflated the issue, then this will be ten times worse.

  9. "..nearly 300.."

    ..creative freedom I guess..

    270 is the confirmed amount..


    Is it really that difficult to say 270 dead?

    I guess it's not as dramatic.

  10. Suliman, I`m sure that nobody here, apart from Edwin Bollier,is hoping that Gaddafi`s government survives. However I, for one, hope it is not replaced by one led by another posturing butcher, the kind who makes threats of dealing with "whores" from Seattle and Scotland. Libya deserves better than another Karzai or Chalabi.
    Most people on this site are concerned with the obvious miscarriage of justice at Zeist and finding out what really happened at over Lockerbie in December 1988. Are you seriously suggesting that there is some sort of pro-Gaddafi agenda here?
    It may surprise you to learn that Scots are as proud of Scotland as Libyans are of Libya and the Scots here are deeply ashamed of what happened in our names at Megraghi`s trial. And if History eventually proves that there was a Megraghi connection to the Lockerbie bombing then History will have to come up with a lot more solid evidence than was presented at his fiasco of a trial.

  11. First of all, I should thank you Mr. Adam Larson (aka Caustic Logic) for correcting me on the precise location of Gaddafi whores, but otherwise the shoe apparently fits quite well.

    Playing with my name will not change any of the facts.

    (1) The Justice for Megrahi Campaign was co-founded by an officer of the Jamahiriya Student Union, who was also actively recruiting support in Gaddafi's media, on behalf of his Scottish comrades.

    (2) JFM Co-Founder Abdullah Swissy, can also be found in Gaddafi's media calling upon "The Sons of the Great Revolution," to join his work for Megarhi.

    (3) The JFM co-founder had disclosed on Gaddafi's media that he works in coordination with another Swissy, who is possibly a relative but definitely identified as the Consul General in Scotland.

    (4) The JFM, through its co-founder Mr. Abdullah Swissy, was presenting itself in Gaddafi's media in a manner that is inconsistent with what they feed to the Western media as "basic tenets" of their campaign. Evidently, the JFM customizes both its message and its tenets to suit the local audience.

    (5) What is left of the JFM Committee and Mr. Larson are trying to sweep their association with the Jamahiriya Student Union under the rug, leaving it unmentioned even in the pretense of documenting their history.

    (6) And in his own contrivances to misinform the public, Mr. Larson doctored up his blog so as to erase his prior highlighting of Mr. Swissy's co-affiliation with JFM and the Jamahiriya Student Union, and he replaced it with an emphatically childish statement to the effect, "Look, Ma, no Libyans!"

    (7) Mr. Larson deliberately puckered his lips, went out of the way, to credit Mr. Swissy solely with a statement issued by the JFM campaign as a whole.

    (7) Mr. Larson also created a Category for Swissy in his blog, and it remains there now--but not for long--even though it points to no mention whatsoever of Swissy. All mentions of the JFM co-founder have been sanitized, but Mr. Larson forgot to burn all the evidence of his suck-up theater. How pathetic can a brown-nosed prospector be!

    Mr. Larson: Did you forget your asinine defense of Gaddafi's dictatorship? Did you forget that--just to win a point against me--you said, "Libya takes care of its people"? I haven't forgotten, and the whole world now sees how well "Libya takes care of its people." I have no interest in meeting you and your likes face to face, Mr. Larson, because that would require me to stoop much lower than my backbone allows. But if you are looking for me, you can find me quite easily. Bring your comrades, the Sons of The Great al-Fateh Revolution, if it makes you feel better prepared.

  12. Rolfe: As the Deputy Secretary of JFM, and one who has spoken here about its inner workings, please feel free to defend your outfit's association with the Gaddafi terrorist hatchery. On multiple occasions, JFM has refused to address its evident affiliation with Gaddafi tools parading as members of civil society. This is yet another opportunity.

    When exactly did you discover that Gaddafi is a murderous bastard, before or after joining hands with his fronts?

    Was the history of Gaddafi's henchmen not known to you? Or were you all duped by Forrester into thinking that Swissy's outfit was part of civil society? How in the world can intelligent, educated people with the slightest knowledge of Gaddafi's murderous bastard history overlook his executioners?

    How can academics from respectable Western institutions join hands with an outfit that was born and reared by extrajudicial executions of Libyan students on university campuses? And what exactly is the cause that unites them? It is, they say, the pursuit of justice! It is an absolute disgrace, and anything but civil, to associate the pursuit of justice with the sponsorship of a terrorist outfit that is defined by its dedication to terrorism both in practice and in principle.

    Would you be silent about associating with the KKK? Would you be silent about associating with the American Nazi Party? Go read what your partners said just last April in commemoration of their bloody history, and on the mob killings of students that were staged every April 7th for years. Libyan students were sacrificed by your partner organization on the Gaddafi's altar while other students were forced to watch. No court, no trial, no lawyers, no rights. Is that kind of justice what unites you all? Do you see no conflicts in that with your conception of justice?

    Don't put words in my mouth, Rolfe, I doubt you would resort to that if you had a choice.
    No one said "Gaddafi is responsible for all evil." The question is, how much evil must a murderous bastard commit before his executioner syndicates become unqualified from partnership in your Campaign? Please answer that question for me and your public. Even your signatories are added by invitation only. If you are so careful and deliberate about choosing your signatories, can anyone believe that your co-founders just fell from the sky? No, they didn't. You chose your co-founders at least as deliberately as you chose your signatories. So, what is the threshold that JSU met in your deliberations? Or do extrajudicial killings of Libyans not count in your deliberations?

    Your group should look/read the reaction of LSE students to that university's despicable and disgraceful association with Saif Gaddafi's "charitable" syndicate. I wonder what those same students might think of your association with a terrorist outfit that also fronts as a civil-socity organization. Government corruption, I can understand, but Western NGOs lending a cover of "civility" and legitimacy to terrorist groups? That is just too much.

  13. Grendal: I have no intention of ignoring your comment. Unfortunately my time is quite limited these days... will be back when possible.

  14. What is happening in Libya is a CIA coup. The evidence in the Lockerbie case tends to suggest that the CIA brought down PanAm 103.

    - Aangirfan

  15. i hope the Gadaffi govt does survive , because the alternative is clearly backed by the US:

    The Voice of the Libyan People had a four year career with broadcasts against Muammar Qadhafi and Libya between 1984 and 1988. It was proclaimed as the voice for the National Front for the Salvation of Libya (NFSL), a group consisting of exiled opponents of Qadhafi's regime headed by Aly Abuzaakouk that was founded in 1981. etc

  16. no blogistan:
    'Sadly, Gaddafi is demonstrating to the world by killing his own people that he is a ruthless psychopath - what sympathy to previous events does his present actions endear? None - watch support for this campaign suffer, accordingly.'

    but youre demonstrating your ignorance of Colour Revolutions and the nature of the Libyan Oppostion

    The goal of any colour revolution is to make the govt react violently in order for it to lose support...the NFSL has a ghistory of violent why are they made to seem like descendents of Gandhi? Theyve been recshooled by Washington