Saturday, 1 January 2011

So what has changed?

[I wish a happy and peaceful 2011 to all readers of this blog.

What follows is a post from the blog from 1 January 2008.]

In The Scotsman today, Iain McKie (former police officer and father of Shirley) has an op-ed piece expressing grave concern about criminal justice in the United Kingdom, with particular reference to forensic scientific evidence. He writes:

“The Omagh bombing, the World's End Murders, the Templeton Woods murder and the SCRO fingerprint case have all shown that previously infallible evidence is indeed fallible and finally the prosecution system is being forced to review its whole forensic strategy.

While this is bad enough, Lockerbie and other cases have also revealed evidence of police and Crown Office incompetence, political intrigue and a court and legal system struggling to cope.

A system where justice takes forever and at a prohibitive cost. Slowly the realisation is dawning that we are faced with a justice system no longer fit for purpose. A system where there is very real danger of the innocent being found guilty and the guilty escaping punishment. Instead of the usual face saving 'first aid' aimed at preserving the power and privilege of those within the system, the time is long overdue for broad ranging public and political debate aimed at creating an open, accountable and accessible system.”



  1. Prosit Neujahr Herr Professor - Ich hoffe, ihr schornstein raucht für eine lange zeit.

  2. MISSION LOCKERBIE doc. 1020.rtf. 2011;
    some parts, google translation, arabic/english:

    Thanks news of alias "(Multi)Leaks" information over the Jamahiriya Security Organization's (Haïat amn al Jamahiriya), we now know that Abdelbaset Al Megrahi's former boss and friend Ibrahim El Bishari-- (former foreign minister and former director of Foreign Security)-- without to know the true background, Al Megrahi, together with Edwin Bollier (MEBO), Bishari have booked both with AirMalta flight KM-231 to Malta for the CIA prepared conspiracy case against Colonel Gadhafi, from 20th to 21st of December 1988 !
    After Bollier on the same day can travel on a direct flight with SwissAir from Tripoli to Zurich, was included as a replacement, the station manager of LAA Lamin Khalifa Fhimah ...

    Only one of the two accused Libyans, Abdelbaset Ali Mohamed Al Megrahi, was convicted of the Lockerbie bombing on 31 January 2001.
    Former foreign minister (1990-92) Ibrahim al-Bishari (ESO) dies in a car crash on 13. Sept. 1997, in Cairo Agypt...

    Mr. Abdelbaset al Megrahi alias, Ahmed Khalifa Abdusamad (passport) was in charge of a "security appointement" and was sent by his chief, Ibrahim El Bishari (ESO), under a wrong name to Malta from December 20th to 21st, 1988. But its looks clear, this appointement had nothing to do with the infiltration of a piece of luggage on AirMalta flight KM-180 !
    There are no "Bomb-bag" transfair from Air Malta flight KM 180 via
    PA-103/b at Airport Frankfurt !

    According (Multi)Leaks, El Bishari was also a colleague of Edwin Bollier.
    El Bishari was buyer of MEBO's radio ship "Radio North Sea International" (RNI) in 1976 (price SwFr. 4.9 million). The radio ship was renamed in Libya in El Fatah and was used for special programs. more soon ...

    by Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd., Switzerland, URL:


    New Year Wish 2011 for the Scottish Parliament

    MEBO wünscht dem Scottish Parliament, dass zum 18th of January 2011, noch eine Restmenge von (E.S.) Ehre und Stolz im "Not-Lager" 'Canongate Wall' zur Verfügung steht, um der leidigen "Lockerbie-Affäre" mit Abdelbaset Al Megrahi und Libyen, nach 22 Jahren einen gerechten und ehrwürdigen Abgang zubereiten ...

    Es wäre für Scottland und Great Britain jämmerlich und unerträglich, wenn demnächst durch weitere "LEAKS" Tatsachen über die "Lockerbie-Affäre" aufgedeckt werden, welche die Staatssicherheit U.K. und hohe Officials in moralischen Misskredit bringen könnten...
    Also Cabinet Secretary for Justice, Mr Kenny MacAskill (MSP) bevor Sie und gewisse Member of the Scottish Parliament nach dem fragwürdigen US "Justice Undone" noch mehr in den Abgrund der Kritik kommen, machen Sie den Anfang und geben Sie dem US Senat als Revanche , die Dokumente der Scottish Criminal Cases Reappeal Commission (SCCRC) frei und verlangen Sie die Öffnungm, oder mindestens das Herkunftsland, von (PII).

    Die 'MEBO' Gruppe und alias (Multi)Leaks wünschen den Member of the Scottish Parliament und United Kingdom und dem Volk von Great Britain gute Gesundheit und viel Erfolg im Jahr 2011 -.-

    The 'MEBO' group and alias (Multi)Leaks wish the Members of the Scottish Parliament and United Kingdom and the People of Great Britain good health and much success in 2011 -.-

    by Edwin and Mahnaz Bollier and MEBO Group Switzerland. URL: