Sunday, 23 January 2011

Lockerbie bomber inquiry rejected

[This is the headline over a report in today's edition of Scotland on Sunday. It reads in part:]

The Scottish Government has ruled out an official inquiry into the conviction of the Lockerbie bomber, campaigners have been told.

The Justice for Megrahi Committee last year lodged a petition with MSPs calling for an official probe into the conviction of Libyan Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi.

But ministers have now written back to the committee ruling this out - even though they admit that the Scottish Government could hold such an inquiry. (...)

In their letter to campaigners on a potential probe into the bomber's conviction, ministers said: "The government has no plans to initiate an inquiry on this issue."

It added: "The wide-ranging and international nature of the issues involved, even if the inquiry is confined to the trial and does not concern itself with wider matters, means that there is every likelihood of issues arising which are not devolved, which would require either a joint inquiry with or a separate inquiry by the UK government."

But the inquiry was ruled out because the government "does not doubt" the safety of Megrahi's conviction. Megrahi has already had one appeal against his 2001 conviction rejected.

A second appeal, following a referral from the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission, was abandoned by Megrahi in 2009. Soon afterwards, he was freed on compassionate grounds due to terminal prostate cancer. He remains alive today at home in Libya.

A statement released by the Justice for Megrahi Committee said: "We have a Scottish Government with the power and resources to mount an inquiry that could provide at least some of the answers and it chooses to fall back on well-worn excuses and effectively abrogates responsibility for ascertaining the truth about one of the biggest terrorist outrages ever committed anywhere in the world."


  1. MISSION LOCKERBIE, 2011, doc. nr. 1037.rtf.
    Why the Scottish Parliament a new inquiry into the Lockerbie affair will reject ?

    Wieso das "Scottish Parliament" eine neue Untersuchung in der Lockerbie-Affäre zurückweisen will ?
    Weil sich die "Scottish Justiciary" vor der Wahrheit und einem politisches Erdbeben fürchten muss !
    Die pikannte Frage auf Crown Ebene wäre danach, wer hatte den unteren Offiziellen den Auftrag gegeben, massgebende Beweise gegen Libyen und Al Megrahi zu manipulieren ?
    Scotland hatte dem US Senat das "Justice Undone" ebenfalls zurückgewiesen.
    Die 58 Seiten Anklage-Schrift (Dez.2010) gegen die Freilassung des unschuldigen Al Megrahi,publiziert von den US Senatoren Robert Menendez, Frank Lautenberg, Charles Schumer and Kristen Gillibrand, war nicht nötig und diente nur für deren politischer US Wahlpropaganda.

    Es braucht keine umfassende Story wie "Justice Undone" (teilweise mit unwahren Fakts) um die Hintergründe aufzuklären; es kann in einem Satz dargestellt werden. Die frühzeitige Freilassung von Al. Megrahi war schlussendlich ein simpel Dial:

    Rückzug des Erfolg versprechenden Appeal Al Megrahi's, gegen ein Arztzeugnis welches aussagte, dass Al Megrahi eine Lebenszeit von nur 3 Monate hatte !

    Durch diesen "Deal" konnte der unschuldige Al Megrahi nach "Scottish" Recht rechtsgültig begnadigt werden und am 20. August 2009 nach Libyen zurückkehren. Hinter dieser Machenschaft der "Scottish Justiciary", stand wiederum die Angst vor der Aufdeckung der "kriminellen Wahrheit" und dessen Folgen nach dem Appeal. Deshalb musste das Appeal unter allen Umständen verhindert werden...

    only a google translation, german/english:

    Why the Scottish Parliament a new inquiry into the Lockerbie affair will reject ?
    Because the Scottish Justiciary must have fear of the criminal truth and for a political earthquake !
    The question would be, who of the Crown level had given the order to the officials, to manipulate crucial evidences against Libya and Al Megrahi ?
    Also the US report "Justice Undone" was from Scotland rejected. The 58-page "indictment" (Dec.2010) of opposition to the release of the innocent Al Megrahi, published by the U.S. Senators Robert Menendez, Frank Lautenberg, Charles Schumer and Kristen Gillibrand was unnecessary and served only for the U.S. political election propaganda.

    It need not a comprehensive story such as "Justice Undone" (with parts of untrue facts presented) to clarify the background; it can be represented in a sentence. The early release of Al Megrahi was ultimately a simple deal:
    withdrawal of the promising Appeal Al Megrahi's against a medical certificate, which stated that Al Megrahi had a lifetime of only 3 months !
    Through this deal, legally authorized, could be pardoned the innocent Al Megrahi authorized by through Scottish right return on 20 August 2009 to Libya. Behind this machination of the "Scottish Justiciary", was again the fear of uncovering the criminal truth and its consequences, according after the appeal. Therefore, the appeal had to be prevented under all circumstances...

    by Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd. Switzerland, URL:

  2. MISSION LOCKERBIE, 2011, doc. no. 1036.rtf.

    OFFICIAL CRIMINALS can not indicted in Scotland ? It is now demonstrated in 15 minutes, by a new forensic evidence procedure with 100% certainty that the only major piece of evidence "PT/35 (MST-13 timer fragment) which Libya with the PanAm 103 bombing in connection brings, was manipulated and falsify - ultimately by a green Part (PT/35(b) exchanged as duplicate - has been ! Fits in addition was tampered obviously also several police labels and documents !

    Edwin Bollier (MEBO Ltd.) had already in July 11, 2000, with its Attorney's at law Avocats NEUPERT & PARTNERS by the
    Office of the Procurator FiscalSheriff Courthouse
    Dumfries DC-1 2 AN

    a Criminal Complaint regarding the Falsification Evidence In the Lockerbie Case conveyed...

    Dear Mr Procurotor
    Acting on behalf of Mr Edwin Bollier (MEBO AG)
    Badenerstrasse 414, CH-8004 Zurich/Switzerland
    a key witness in the case against
    Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi and Al Amin Khalifa Fhimah
    we herewith respectfully submit the present request to open
    CRIMINAL PROCEEDINGS with regard to the following punishable offences:

    A. Use Of a forged (never functioning) fragment of an alleged MST-13 timer, allegedly manufactured by Mebo Ltd.. the company of Mr Edwin Bollier as key evidence for the Crown.
    B. Manipulation with and disfigurement of the alleged MST-13 timer fragment up to September 13, 1999.

    C. Total disfigurement of said fragment from September 13, 1999 until June 2000, in order to obliterate shape and colour of said fragment.

    1. MEBO AG fabricated 3 pieces of brown MST-13 timer motherboards in the middle of 1985. Of these handmade motherboards 2 pieces were subjected to electronic counterparts, thus creating 2 functioning MST-13 timer prototypes. Those were handed over to the Institute for Technical Research (IYTU - STASI/NVA) in Bernau (ex.DDR) in the middle of 1985. The third brown motherboard has allegedly been broken in the hands of the employee Engineer U. Lumpert and disposed of ? (Police protocol testimony, U. Lumpert November 1990, Legal Aid, USA, Scotland).
    Also the blueprint for construction of such MST?13 timer prototypes did presumably disappear in the spring of 1990 from MEBO AG.
    2. Additionally, 20 pieces of MST-13 timer were fabricated 1985-1986 and delivered to the Libyan military-security in Tripoli Libya. Those MST-13 timers were fitted with machine-created motherboards, colour: green (Thuring motherboards).

    Continued below >>>

  3. Continued Mission Lockerbie >>>

    3. It showed that the colour of the alleged Lockerbie-found "Corpus Delicti" would have been of utmost importance for the Scottish Police, in order to identify the origin of the fragments:, one brown fragment. Pol, No. PT/35(b), from a MST13 timer.

    4. Why ? The trace tracked back from the Scottish Police to the USA, to the FBI-forensic expert Mr Thomas Thurman. A Scottish forensic expert, Mr. Feraday, did bring the future alleged Lockerbie-found MST-13 timer fragment to the USA, to Thomas Thurman, FBI forensic expert. He then found that the fragment came from a MST- 13 timer, that looks like MST-13 timers, seized from a Libyan courier in Togo and Senegal.
    Thomas Thurman then on June 15, 1990 did decide and found that the alleged Lockerbie-found fragment come from a MST- 13 timer, that activated that "Radio-Recorder-Bomb. IED" in the plane of PanAm 103! Thus the link between Lockerbie and Libya was established and on November 14, 1991. the responsibility of the PanAm 103 attack could be transferred to Libya.
    The first forensic pictures and films that came from the FBI-laboratory of forensic expert Thomas Thurman clearly contain that the allegedly Lockerbie found fragment came from a brown MST-13 prototype-timer. (Thus the central piece of evidence that the prosecution is relying upon, was in the beginning a brown fragment, from a non-functionin g prototype MST-13 timer that was later switched with a green copied fragment-copy!) etc.

    Statement of Witness by E. Bollier dated 16.09.1999 (enclosure 1)
    Statement of Witness by E. Bollier dated 17.09.1999 (enclosure 2)
    Statement of Witness by Ms Mirian Watson, Principal Procurator Fiscal Depute
    Statement of Witness by Ms Kathrin Thomsen. Det. Insp. Dumfries. etc.
    The full indictment and the statements can be read on our website

    To date, the Scottish Justice done nothing !

    by Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd., Switzerland, URL:

  4. Scott Macnab's slanted Scotland on Sunday report includes a JFM comment but fails to mention:

    (a) The petitioners' written observations concerning the Scottish Government's response;

    (b) Dr Swire's reaction; and,

    (c) Next Tuesday's meeting of the Scottish Parliament's Public Petitions Committee, where (a) and (b) are to be considered.

    Could and should do much better, Mr Macnab!