Sunday, 2 January 2011

Fame at last!

[The following is what is said by Charon QC in his (her?) blog review of 2010. It almost compensates for my omission from the sixty-third New Year Honours List in a row.]

And if you really want to get to grips with The Lockerbie Case…and it may be a good idea for US Senators to do so… then you can’t do much better than this… blog by Robert Black QC FRSE who became Professor of Scots Law in the University of Edinburgh in 1981 having previously been in practice at the Scots Bar.


  1. Prof... definitely a bloke! My About section explains all....

    Fascinating blog and I hope my friends in the States who are interested in legal matters read it.

  2. Yes Ian Hamilton has been doing his nut about this trial and even before the verdict came.

    Robert one thing I didn't understand during it, and I could be way off here, but I always thought that taped recordings made while a person was unaware they were being recorded were inadmissible in court once upon a time. Wasn't that once the case?

    (Not an attempt to discuss this trial here incidentally, just a quick question really.)

  3. There has never been any such rule, as far as I'm aware, Jo. Lots of prosecutions (for as long as the technology has existed) have been based on audio and/or video tapes that the accused did not know were being made. Extortion (blackmail) and fraud (including social security fraud) are examples of charges where this type of evidence is frequently led.