Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Two contrasting perspectives

In today's edition of the San Francisco Chronicle there is an article by conservative columnist Debra J Saunders headlined "Libya, Lockerbie and commercial warfare". It swallows hook, line and sinker the fantasies peddled by Senator Menendez et al in their report on the release of Megrahi.

Libya's English-language newspaper The Tripoli Post, on the other hand, today runs a story headlined 'Scotland rejects US Senators "incorrect and inaccurate re-hash" report on Megrahi release' which concentrates on the Scottish Government's rebuttal of the senators' claims.


  1. Sorry, I was distracted by the coincidence of three Iains for three.

  2. ...aaaand put that under the wrong post. Oops. I'm sure the one article is dreadful, and the American one worse yet. Will check on that later.