Sunday, 5 December 2010

This could be the SNP's legacy

[This is the heading over a recent post on the influential Subrosa blog. It reads in part:]

If the SNP wanted to win next year's election then there must be a proper inquiry into the 1988 Lockerbie bombing. Alex Salmond insists he supports the verdict. Why? A powerful committee in the Scottish Parliament has backed a Lockerbie inquiry. Dr Jim Swire has said that, "Without an inquiry the name of Scottish justice will lie in the gutter." Other very eminent Scottish legals have joined with the call for an inquiry.

This post is nothing to do with the release of Megrahi which I think was taken within the Scottish prisoner guidelines. Most of the UK know there is doubt about the conviction of Megrahi yet the First Minister continues to insist that there is none. The post is about an inquiry into Megrahi's conviction.

Obviously there is something behind the issue for Alex Salmond to continue to insist he believes the verdict and perhaps, for reasons only known to the political establishment, he's troubled it will be discovered during an inquiry, but it's time the SNP bit the bullet and made the decision for the world to know the facts. More and more evidence has appeared over the years yet ,when Megrahi dropped his appeal prior to his release, our political masters seemed to sigh with relief thinking the matter was concluded.

It's not finished by a long chalk if Alex Salmond has the courage to instigate an inquiry. Yes, maybe the SNP Scottish government has shown, like all governments, to have some faults, but the public would forgive them if the truth about the Lockerbie bombing was exposed.

Time to show some true Scottish backbone Alex and call for an inquiry. If nothing else it would ensure the SNP had a good chance to be re-elected in May next year. It could be the SNP's legacy.


  1. The fair MISSION LOCKERBIE: 998.rtf.

    Thanks to Anonymous for the truth information. Think...

    Hinterfragung der unter 'National Security' gehaltenen Tatsachen, zum 23. Jahrestag der Greueltat auf PanAm-103, mit 270 Opfern ?

    1.) Welcher Secret Service hatte seit August 1988 *Vorbereitungen getroffen, um die Spur eines geplanten Attentat auf ein U.S. Flugzeug (von Malta aus) auf Offizielle der Libyan External Security Organization (ESO), the principal intelligence institution, zulenken ?

    *(Einbindung von MEBO Ltd.; Office für (ABH) bei MEBO Ltd;
    Bestellung von MST-13 Timer für Libya Military Procurment, Nov.-Dez. 1988;
    Kleider Kauf bei Shopkeeper Gauci in Malta; subversiv organisierter Besuch in Malta (20.-21. Dez.1988) von Abdulbaset Al-Megrahi, alias Ahmed Khalifa Abdusamad;
    Besuch eines "Agenten" bei MEBO Ltd, Ende 1988, usw.)

    2.) Wieso wurden wichtige PanAm 103 Dokumente auf Befehl in London Heathrow vernichtet ?
    Statement by superintendent J.Fuhl of the BKA Germany (Crown witness 566). He commented that other organisations who were investigating the bombing had taken some of the documentation before the BKA could get their hands on it. He also noted that PanAm had apparently instructed staff at Heathrow to destroy documentation !

    3.) Welche libyschen "Defectors" wurden für diese Machenschaft von wem rekrutiert, um die unter Code "Mission Amsterdam" stehende Verschwörung gegen Colonel Muammar Gaddafi,auszuführen ?

    4.) Wer und wo sind die tatsächlichen Attentäter heute eingebettet, welche die reale Greueltat auf Flug PanAm 103ausgeführt hatten ?

    5.) Wieso wurde 'Scottish Police' von FBI erst nach 2 Jahren
    in Kenntnis gesetzt, dass die CIA nachdem Attentat auf PanAm 103, ab 1989 durch einem "Fangbrief", mit MEBO in Kontakt trat ?

    6.) Aus welchen Gründen ausgenommen der "Mission Amsterdam" und für welche offiziellen Personen, galt das Attentat auf PanAm 103 ?

    An answer lump-sum: Die subversiven Personen (Untergruppe) eines bekannten Secret Services, welche die Vorbereitungen getätigt haben um Libyen mit dem Attentat auf PanAm 103 in Verbindung zubringen, müssen logischerweise die realen Attentäter sein !

    A request for reappeal to the Scottish Criminal Cases Reappeal Commission (SCCRC) resulted in a clear "Miscarriage of Justice" for Abdelbaset Al-Megrahi !
    A hard-fought re-investigation adds to the legal fact that Al-Megrahi and Libya have nothing to do with the "Lockerbie Tragedy".

    Piece of advise to the Scottish Parliament: There is now nothing stopping a new search for the real culprits behind the atrocity on PanAm 103...

    by Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd., Switzerland, URL:

  2. Gott im Himmel Edwin! For once could you possibly address the post?

    I agree entirely with the sentiment of this post. JFM is no different from any other pressure group that calls into question the power structure of our establishment. Despite the drop off in election turn out figures over recent decades, a sufficient body of the population, not simply those who operate in the corridors of power, still seems willing to be complicit in maintaining this charade of popular support for the Devil we know by adding a new coat of varnish to the beast every four years. The problem for those who see the Lockerbie/Zeist case as emblematic of something deeply wrong in our civil service and our judiciary, which has a reach and consequence far greater than that case itself, is that come next May they will find themselves in a situation where they can turn to no political party in Scotland in the hope of resolving these fundamental issues.

    Whilst I feel I could quite happily wring his neck at the moment, I have always had a lot of time for Alex Salmond, not because I have any links to the SNP, but because I like his style. He is a sharp, witty, percentage player, who can knock spots off most opposition (not just in Scotland) even on a bad day. He seems to have that great political acumen which so often accompanies a substantial ego. Perhaps he is fulfilled now that he has become First Minister of a country with no foreign office. Maybe it is just the result of his physiognomy but he does look rather like the cat that’s got the cream whenever doing the handshake rounds on official duties like meeting the Pope et al. This is a pity. It must be particularly galling for those who work to get the SNP elected only to now find its leadership generating legislation which concentrates even more power in the hands of the civil service, and in doing so places in jeopardy justice and the electorate itself. When the SNP took the reins of power, they did so with clean hands on this issue, the cabinet now seems quite comfortable to enter the May arena just as, if not more, tainted than any other snake oil salesman in the market square.

    Anyway, I mustn’t get ahead of myself, the government has until the 10th of December to come to its senses and see the political advantage, limited though it may be, in granting an inquiry. That is, of course, assuming they really do want the power to create a fully independent Scotland.

    Robert Forrester.


    Because the documentary film 'Lockerbie-Revisited', on the URL,

    was blocked from someone that its lies not longer can hear. He unmask his Personality…

    Here you can find again the documentary film 'Lockerbie Revisited' of Gideon Levy, on a new server, URL:

    We do not hope a protest of ex FBI Special Agent Richard A. Marquise, led the U.S. Task Force which included the FBI Department of Justice und the Central Intelligence Agency. He managed all aspects of the investigation...

    by Edwin and Mahnaz Bollier, MEBO Ltd., Switzerland

  4. Surely, Salmond as a Privy Councillor is part of the British Establishment and as such is subservient to their agenda

  5. Very possibly Ruth and that is why his stance has always been the same.

  6. Hi Subrosa. Nice to see you here. Hope you are well.

    I couldn't agree more with your comments about Salmond. We have talked about this very issue in early sections of the Prof's blog.

    My own impressions, since 2007 and the "deal in the desert" stuff was that Salmond was ready to take on the establishment full stop over Megrahi and Lockerbie. I really felt that. I also felt that he was probably the only person who could do it. The SNP had just arrived in government and, where Lockerbie is concerned, they were truly a clean pair of hands on the issue. Let's face it, the hands of Labour and the Tories were contaminated beyond belief. Listening to Salmond on Lockerbie then I felt certain they would not let that appeal go. And yet....

    Salmond could, and should have, taken the issue forward and in my view could not have failed to take all of Scotland with him. He doesn't need new evidence: he has the SCCRC report sitting right there, an independent statement in itself, about the flaws in that verdict. That he ultimately joined the others in refusing to act in the interests of justice and in the interests of Scotland on this case is deeply shocking. This was an incredible opportunity for Salmond and the SNP. I will never understand why they passed on it. And MacAskill's further dangerous meddling with the status of the SCCRC is even more worrying.

  7. Quincey, saw your other comment's on Subrosa's great blog. You've won over new people. Well done.