Monday, 13 December 2010

Scottish Parliament motion regarding SCCRC disclosure

[What follows is the text of a motion just tabled in the Scottish Parliament by the SNP's Christine Grahame MSP.]

*S3M-7586 Christine Grahame: SCCRC, the Megrahi Conviction and SSI 2009/448 Article 2(b)—That the Parliament considers but is not surprised that, in terms of article 2(b) of the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission (Permitted Disclosure of Information) Order 2009, which came into force in February 2010, third parties such as the Crown Office and the Foreign Office and relevant police authorities have refused consent in writing to disclosure of information provided directly or indeed indirectly by them, that parties with an interest in the conviction remain untested, and, as a consequence, that access to undisclosed information has been successfully blocked and therefore urges the Scottish Government to either repeal or amend SSI 2009/448 to remove article 2(b) in the interests of openness, accountability and justice.

[Ms Grahame has also submitted a written question in the following terms:]

S3W-38294 Christine Grahame: To ask the Scottish Executive whether it will introduce a further statutory instrument amending the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission (Permitted Disclosure of Information) Order 2009 to delete Article 2(b).
Due for answer Tuesday, January 18, 2011


  1. MISSION LOCKERBIE: Doc. no. 1006.rtf.
    An end must find with the *"Piece by Piece tactics" of the Scottish Parliament in the PanAm 103 explanation *(in German = "Salami Taktik")

    The Scottish Parliament is still not showing signs of starting a new investigation on the 'Lockerbie-Affair'. Also the Official Report (SCCRC) into Lockerbie bombing blocked by authorities...

    Does the Scottish Parliament hear the bells ring ?

    Separatlely the Leader of Libya, Muammar Gaddafi, on 4th December 2010, turned his fire on the UK, which he claimed had neglected the health of Al-Megrahi before he was released.
    Leader Gaddafi said: "We regret the fact they took no interest in his health and they did not give him regular medical checkups until the cancer had set in".

    He said also: "The case against Mr. Al-Megrahi had been fabricated and created by former PM Margaret Thatcher and ex-US President Ronald Reagan".

    Is the next an „Economical Al Jihad“ be imposed on Great Britain, although Al Gaddafi's son and potential successor, Saif El- Islam, stated that the friendship between Libya and both Nations would be 'forever consolidated' ?

    This serious situation could possibly lead to a threat by Libyans Leader Muammar Al Gaddafi to stop trade relations with Libyan British Business Councel (LBBC) LA-UK- "Building Business Bridges With Libya".

    The consequences would be enormous. To remember: The Libyan ban imposed on Switzerland – the so called "Economical Al Jihad" showed substantial negative economical effects for Swiss corporations and especially Swiss banks.

    by Edwin and Mahnaz Bollier, MEBO Ltd., Switzerland,
    related informations on URL:

  2. Ebol - as a person who lives here let me make it clear again to you that nothing will be achieved through threats from Gaddafi. It would only make opposition to justice for Megrahi even stronger. You are being reckless by advocating such a thing, you really are.

    Gaddafi's recent statements created that very effect, I saw that at close quarters in various discussions with friends and colleagues after his recent comments. There was very much a sense of "Who does he think he is?" in response to those comments. There was hostility, undoubtedly. So do be careful Ebol, your are being incredibly irresponsible. You should focus on the evidence we have regarding the trial and the questionable conviction. That speaks for itself long and loud.

  3. I see that Christine Grahame's written question is due for answer by Tuesday 18 January 2011.

    Meanwhile, perhaps we should take a look at what Edwin Bollier has to say about this dirty Lockerbie case!

    Das 'Scottish Parliament' welches Daten vom Indizienbeweise für ein bestätigtes "miscarriage of justice" blockiert oder geheim hält, wie im "Lockerbie-case", verstösst gegen das Menschenrecht!

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    The 'Scottish Parliament' which dates from the circumstantial evidence for a confirmed "miscarriage of justice" or blocked to keep secret, as in the "Lockerbie case" is contrary to human rights against that!

    by Edwin and Mahnaz Bollier., MEBO Ltd. URL: