Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Spinner accuses Scottish Government of spinning

[What follows is the text of a press release dated 1 November from Senator Robert Menendez.]

Scottish government authorities today revealed that Abdelset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi had a 50% chance of living longer than the three month prognosis and that the three month figure was an estimate or “median survival time” rather than al Megrahi’s life expectancy (Click here for news report: Senator Menendez released the following statement in response:

“Scottish authorities are engaged in revisionist history to try to explain the embarrassing fact that al-Megrahi is still alive well over a year after his release. Their recent admission shows that they ignored the Scottish Prison Service guidelines for compassionate release. We know from expert testimony that it was absurd to think al-Megrahi had three months to live when he was released. Every month that goes by makes the Scottish and British decision to release a mass murderer on compassionate grounds more egregious. This is a tragedy no matter how hard they try to spin this story.”


  1. The day before the mid-term elections...bless!

  2. [I see the e-petitions is back on line! And now 'closed', and the total number of signatures is 1646...wasn't it 1649 when it went into suspended animation recently?]

  3. It was, but that could be OK (if the only thing about this petition's history) as they may remove entries they find dubious.

    As you yourself so well have pointed out, the whole thing was quite embarrasing for the government's ability to select capable IT-providers.

    But! Though the hundreds of extra signatures - which a properly working thing easily would have gotten - would have been nice, it does not change the outcome.

    The petition was a great success for JFM.

  4. If anyone knows about "revisionist history" it would be Robert Menendez;

    Menendez has strong links to anti-Cuban terrorist organisations and has been involved in fund raising activities relating to that cause. Of course, he would deny he supports terrorists.

    He has links to Orlando Bosch, wanted by Cuba of course for the bombing of a Cuban airliner in the 1970s.

  5. Wow, thanks for that tip, B.C.

    I can't completely disagree with the basis of this spin. I've looked into it a bit and from my own gut, I suspect it was not just good medicine that went into the 3-month call. Just how, etc. I can't say.

    But that said, Menendez is a whole-cloth-spinning slimy little spinner of a political robot. Just like the others, he knows precisely where not to go - the reasoning and lack of behind Megrahi's unjustifiable conviction. However exactly they all know where to step, this is part of how that mythical "elite" could "control world events" and the "masses."