Monday, 29 November 2010

Isn't this exciting?

As far as I can discern from a preliminary trawl of The Guardian and The New York Times websites, the tranche of US State Department cables just released does not contain any Megrahi or Lockerbie material. However, this September 2009 assessment of Gaddafi by the US ambassador to Tripoli has some entertainment value.


  1. Yes, I did a search and this was all I could turn up. The media love this sort of stuff but it's irritatingly trivial when there are so many more important things we would like to know. Let's hope the next tranch of cables is more useful


    Why couldn’t Libya have supported the petition and backed the new inquiry into Megrahi's conviction?

    Because the 'Scottish Justiciary' was afraid of exposing the official proven manipulations in the Lockerbie case, a deal was made with Libya for the future, stipulating that Mr Al Megrahi had to drop his promising appeal and instead be immediately released. Libya was thus sold to Great Britain…

    Warm welcome in the United Kingdom – an apology from the UK to the Libyan people for the 40 billions of dollars worth of damage caused was blown away in the wind!

    A part of special strategic documents (secrets leak) in connection with PanAm 103 (LA- UK) was bought up prematurely and on Wikilake are not published...
    In Switzerland post office, an account was open for support "Wikimedia".

    The truth died in "Lockerbie"

    One of the biggest criminal cases, a politically-tinged conspiracy from the last century, is to be published/filmed, and the grim intrigue of the “Lockerbie case” exposed, under this heading…

    Edwin Bollier & Partners from MEBO Ltd. are just about to finish a book and the *film script.

    The *work is not a documentary on the 1988 "Lockerbie tragedy", but rather an exciting political thriller based on a true story and tied in with the PanAm 103 attack (an explosive mix of fiction, lots of reality and emotion).

    Continued with the conspiracy of 1986, against the leader of Libya, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi (air strike of Libya, code-named Operation El Dorado Canyon) saw the staging of a new plot under the code name "Mission Amsterdam".

    In 1986, Colonel Gaddafi rushed out of their residence in the Bab al Aziziya compound moments before the bombs dropped. Colonel Gaddafi (alias Amsterdam) escaped planned death...

    A second conspiracy against Colonel Gaddafi is “peppered” with a unique agent’s story, lots of intrigue, hate, rage, sympathy and the tragic incorporation of victims’ stories (plane crash/last minute/daughter/USA/ Christmas). And a rattled father seeking the truth…
    The main focus is on an explosive political conspiracy known as "MISSION AMSTERDAM"...

    more information comes soon

    by Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd. Switzerland. URL:

    Passing on >>>

    Don't you think that there is an element of pure blind panic in this satatement by Loius Susman the US Ambassador to Britain.

    Abouut Wikileaks she writes:

    "Given the period covered by the US State Department cables, I remain of the view that the only material in the documents relevant to Lockerbie will be material relating to Abdelbaset Megrahi's repatriation to Libya. They will contain nothing relating to the circumstances of the investigation, prosecution and trial."

    Perhaps she is hoping that the Wikileaks papers will contain nothing relating to the investigation, prosecution and trial. Given how important the safety of the conviction against Magrahi (sic) must have been in the decision to release him in realpolitik terms - the US government could not care less if one falsely accused Libyan businessman (for that's what he was) died alone and forgotten in some Scottish slammer, it is not difficult to see that the diplomatic wires must have burnt rad hot in trying to prevent the real truth from asserting itself. As in the end it must.

    Bob Baer made an important point reported yesterday. The CIA is usually next door to the Embassy, if it is not in it. The diplomats like the addictive drug of secrets the CIA feeds them. That is a bit of a paraphrase, but really there in each others pockets aren't they, and while the CTC of the CIA didn't tell the diplomats everything that went on the diplomats knew of it and agreed to it. Why else were there virtually no diplomatic staff on Pan Am 103, a week before Christmas.

    Tell us what you know Susman, rather that have it dragged out of the Wikileaks material an experience like having all your teeth out by a dentist not using anasthetic.

    Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd. Switzerland

  4. Edwin, the US ambassador to the UK is male. And the quote is not from him, but from me on this blog:

  5. Apology Professor Dr. Black, therefore I wrote passing on >>>

    Edwin Bollier

  6. Edwin Bollier addressed this video message to Radio North Sea International on 11 November 2010 in which Edwin apologises for being unable to attend the Radio Day 2010 event because he is "busy with this dirty Lockerbie case."


    A part of special strategic documents (secrets leak) in connection with PanAm 103 (LA- UK) was sold from Julian Assange at Genève, therefore prematurely on Wikilake are not published.
    by Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd.

  8. Edwin, careful repeating what Charles Norrie tell you... I got the same e-mail.

  9. There's still more cables to be released so I'll be patient. There does seem to be an effort to slip in an occasional scandalous remark to either make the document interesting or lead the reader toward the opinion of instability on the subject.

    EBol, I'm rather thankful that Libya is silent on the matter, the press could contort any action taken at government level and spin it against any benefit. I do wish Megrahi would send in those documents to Wikileaks very very soon, though. I have a feeling that attempts to hush them will be two fold.