Thursday, 4 November 2010

A contradiction

Does no-one else see the contradiction present in the current political furore about the air cargo bomb plot and the continued failure of the Scottish, UK and US Governments to mount a full inquiry into the 1988 terrorist outrage at Lockerbie?

Headlines about the current terrorist crisis representing a potential “second Lockerbie” only serve to compound my confusion and fuel thoughts of hypocrisy and self-interest.

How resolute and strong the politicians have sounded this past week in their determination to protect us all from the scourge of terrorism and, yet, when given the opportunity to mount an inquiry into the worst terrorist outrage ever perpetrated on UK soil, this resolve just melts away.

I would have thought that it was in the interests of the fight against terrorism and the credibility of our own Scottish justice system to mount an inquiry into the 1988 outrage, that claimed the lives of 270 innocent victims, so that lessons can be learned and the terrorists will feel less secure in their lairs.

[The above is the text of a letter from Iain A J McKie published in today's edition of The Herald.]

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