Thursday, 4 November 2010

A commentary on the implications of the Cadder Case

This is the heading over a lengthy article by Robert Forrester (with a contribution from me) just published in the Speakers' Corner section of the Newsnet Scotland website. It discusses in particular the pernicious effects of certain provisions of the emergency legislation enacted by the Scottish Parliament in response to the Supreme Court's decision in the Cadder case. As Mr Forrester says:

"The al-Megrahi/Zeist case has profound ramifications for us all. It raises questions and symbolises issues which strike at the very heart of what we perceive our identity to be. In addressing this matter, JFM [the Justice for Megrahi campaign] seeks to ask exactly what justice is, what it means, whom it exists to serve and what role it ought to be playing in our society.

"If our institutions of government and the civil service persist in failing to look themselves in the mirror and make an honest attempt to take the bull by the horns, they will have only themselves to blame if, by their actions and inaction, the good name of Scottish justice is not redeemed and society further degenerates into a morass of cynicism."

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