Saturday, 16 October 2010

Salmond hits back at Senate on Megrahi 'misinformation'

[This is the headline over a report in today's edition of The Herald. It reads in part:]

Alex Salmond told John Kerry, chairman of the US Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee, that despite attempts by the Scottish Government to set the record straight, “misinformation” was still given to the hearing looking into the circumstances surrounding the release of Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi.

While not participating in the hearing, the Scottish Government moved behind the scenes to deny allegations Megrahi had been on chemotherapy in Scotland and that his prognosis was made by a primary care physician who did not have the expertise to determine how advanced his prostate cancer was.

But the claims were still put to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing and medical experts speaking at the Senate forum accepted he was undergoing chemotherapy and argued that would never have justified a three-month prognosis.

Mr Salmond said a letter intended to “set the record straight” had been passed to Senator Robert Menendez before he led the hearing.

It explained that Megrahi was not on chemotherapy while on Scottish soil and that the Libyan’s prognosis came from “the most senior health professional in the Scottish Prison Service”, its director of health and care, Dr Andrew Fraser.

Mr Salmond said: “It was therefore with intense disappointment that I noted that the same misinformation was presented to the hearing, unsupported by any evidence whatsoever, and no reference was made to the correction provided well in advance by the Scottish Government.

“The Scottish Government has made every effort to provide members of the US Senate and their staff with information to assist their understanding of the matter, and it is extremely unfortunate that the concerns that I expressed in my letter of September 10, 2010 ... about the prospects for a credible and impartial investigation, have been realised.

“I should therefore be grateful if you would investigate, as a matter of urgency, how the committee came to be misled in this manner at its hearing.”


  1. This thing about who made the prognosis irks me as a sticking point. It's semantics. Dr. Kay said three months, Fraser referred to that, and then passed it on. Unless my reading is wrong, the Senators are closer to the mark on that point.

    On the chemo thing, not so sure. Menendez seems to be confusing "new" with "true." Seems to fit his mindset that the Scots are all lying to him, so anything favorable (to his conspiracy theory) that he hears or thinks he hears must be a ray of light breaking through.


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  4. The bottom line is that its none of their business. Salmond should have told them that from the beginning (and I know he tried) but by allowing anyone associated with the Scottish Government to meet representatives of Foreign Governments, because that is what they are, Salmond blew it.

  5. Bollier:
    Are there holes in the Lockerbie cheese also, or only in the Swiss cheese?

    There are holes in both, plenty to go around. But the ones in the case are of course far more important. Don't worry, my/our ribbing on you is a sideline and will not distract from the truth we all seek.

    Jo G:
    The bottom line is that its none of their business.

    Yes and no in my opinion. The US should maintain an interest in something like this, and have an opinion, and so on, if only for the sake of their victimized citizens. Of course, the case should also not a "big lie" that everyone holds onto for ritualistic purposes.

    It's more for pragmatic reasons that I think this "stonewalling" is counterproductive. Like it or not, America at large is behind these jackasses and won't take "none of your business" as a valid answer. It'll get worse and one way or another, I fear this will be the thing that threatens the SNP's very survival. I think a true genius play that changes the whole field would be in order, not these half-measure protests.

    But then again, I don't know any of these things in enough detail, that's just a gut instinct type feeling.

  6. Adam, there is maintaining an interest and there is attempting to take the issue over. In my opinion the US did the latter here and they had no right.

    And if America can't mind its own business presumably we can look forward to other countries being able to interfere in US business in the future without being told to butt out. Yes? No. Thought not.

    Can I say again no one blames them for "taking an interest" but actually they SET UP THEIR OWN INQUIRY AND DEMANDED THAT ELECTED MINISTERS FROM SCOTLAND ATTEND. Sorry for the caps but I'm just emphasising the extent to which they formally interfered in another country's business and actually breached international protocol by doing so.