Saturday, 30 October 2010

Lockerbie blame shifting

Wasn't it supposed to be the Syrians who killed [Lebanese ex-premier Rafiq] Hariri (or so The New York Times and the London Times would have us believe) that blew Hariri's motorcade up – along with the 21 others whose names we have all forgotten – on St Valentine's Day of 2005? Nope. Since the Syrians offered their assistance to the United States in Iraq, it's been the pesky Iranians (courtesy The New York Times and The Times of London) who, through their Hezbollah allies, have been blamed for the mass slaughter. Notice, by the way, how the Syrians and Iranians were blamed for Lockerbie and then, post-Syrian help in the liberation of Kuwait in 1991, the Libyans?

[From Robert Fisk's Lebanon and Iran make uneasy bedfellows in today's edition of The Independent.]

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