Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Help wanted for The Lockerbie Divide blog

[Caustic Logic's most recent post on his excellent blog The Lockerbie Divide reads in part:]

[I]t's been almost single-handedly that, over the last eight months, I've made this a valuable destination for those wanting to learn more about the case against Megrahi and Libya. Using tags (the cloud of different sized names and phrases on the right-hand sidebar) and the "search this blog" window, quite a bit of the relevant info, some unavailable anywhere else, can be located all at one site.

Unfortunately, there's a lot of information I haven't addressed, fully or at all. At one point I was creating blank posts to fill in later, but I wasn't getting back to them and stopped. And as things stand, I'll be having considerably less time to work on the site or do much other discussion in the next several months at least. (...)

However, I have noticed many new commentators appearing at The Lockerbie Case and elsewhere, in addition to the numerous informed commentators on both/all sides of the issue. I'd therefore like to repeat an earlier faint request for contributions and help. Are there any specific aspects or points of view that you're excited about or have done some research on? Encyclopedic collections of facts, opinions, theories, all are welcome for submission (especially the first). Ideally, I'm thinking of semi-scholarly, sourced essays, and I probably won't post anything that's patently absurd or useless in my estimate. ANY opposing viewpoint supporting Megrahi's guilt (within social norms, etc) that is submitted will be hosted for argument's sake, but I will own the comments. So keep it sharp, if possible.

If you see an existing post that you can add something to, fill in the gaps often labeled "forthcoming," drop me a line via a comment there or by e-mail. (...) Anyone interested in doing original research for a detailed post can ask me about sharing links and source material they may not have, and for tips on where to look for info.



    For United Kingdom VITAL !
    BP had not influenced the release of Mr Abdelbaset Al Megrahi !

    They have the truth in your hand...
    First Minister Alex Salmond and Secretary of Justice Kenneth Wright MacAskill it is high time to be opened the SCCRC- and different other crucial documents in the case of PanAm 103 to favour for British Petroleum company (BP) Libya, Mr. Al Megrahi, Air Malta and MEBO Ltd.

    *Some US politicians entertain the suspicion that British government members only advocated the release of Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset al-Megrahi last year in order to pave the way back to Libya for BP. (*election propoganda)

    Al-Megrahi was released from imprisonment in Scotland on grounds that he was terminally ill, after serving eight years innocent in Scotish prison for the 1988 airplane bombing. BP had been absent from the Libyan oil market for thirty years.

    Edwin and Mahnaz Bollier, MEBO Ltd., Switzerland
    more information on our URL:

  2. Oh, thanks for the plug, Professor Black. What a nice man.

    I suppose it's a bit presumptuous to expect any input to what's basically an idiosynchratic personal blog (so far). But oh well.

    I've been digging more and more excellent comments here by Rolfe, Jo G, Blogiston, Fullinquiry, Bensix, Rice Pudding (??), and many others. Thanks just for talking about this. For now that's the best thing we have.

    Bunntamas can have a post by default to explain, for example, what makes a "CRANK there I said it." Suliman's got some actual information to add ... NOYB, Frank Duggan, Dick Marquise, Brian Flynn, etc. all especially welcome. Why not see both sides of the divide? Right?

  3. CIA memos reveal doubts over 'key' Lockerbie witness
    Convicted Lockerbie Bomber Wins Chance to Appeal
    FBI offered me $4m: Lockerbie bomb witness
    Former police chief says Lockerbie evidence faked
    Getting to the truth about the Lockerbie disaster
    Govt blocks release of vital Lockerbie appeal document
    How Megrahi and Libya were framed for Lockerbie
    Lockerbie case referred to High Court
    Lockerbie witness 'lied' to CIA to secure life in US
    Lockerbie: a miscarriage of justice?
    Lockerbie, the Unanswered Questions
    Revealed: CIA offered $2m to Lockerbie witness and brother
    Robert Fisk: For Lockerbie truth, look to Tehran and Damascus
    UN Observer Hans Koechler: Lockerbie a miscarriage of justice
    Vital Lockerbie evidence 'was tampered with'

  4. CIA spook says Megrahi was freed before appeal humiliated justice system

    A CIA terror expert who worked on the Lockerbie investigation has claimed Megrahi would have been freed on appeal.

    In an exclusive interview, retired case officer Robert Baer has revealed details of the secret dossier of evidence Megrahi hoped would clear his name.

    Baer claims the appeal, which he worked on, could have done serious damage to the British legal system.

  5. You looked at the dates on any of that? You think anybody here hasn't read it all already?

    You want to discuss, fine, but a bunch of links is a bit impersonal.

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  7. Adam, I posted a response here yesterday but it got lost somehow : ( I've been over to your site as you know and I think the work put in on these things is totally amazing so hats off to you for commitment.

  8. Good list, Freedomfiles. Most if not all good points most of us, as Rolfe says, are familiar with, and most covered in varying depth at the Divide.

    JoG: Thanks for the kind words. I realize the limits of words compared to action, but in the circumstances, it's my best contribution to leverage.