Wednesday, 1 September 2010

David Benson's play: a world-wide event

Showcased in previews in London, Oxford and Bristol and with cautious reviews, few could have guessed that on the cosmopolitan stage of the 2010 Edinburgh Fringe the play would prove a world-wide event. Within days of its first Edinburgh showing word spread that here was something very special, and David Benson found himself performing to sellout audiences.

[The above is the first paragraph of a page on the Lockerbie Truth website devoted to reaction to David Benson's play Lockerbie: Unfinished Business.]


  1. David Benson deserves our gratitude for what he has done with this play.

    Ironically the STV review mourns the fact that US Senators didn't see it. Sad then that they put out such a pathetic programme just a few weeks ago which contained so many lies about Megrahi and Lockerbie in general.

    We should salute David Benson. He found Jim Swire and he went from there and just look at what he did with what he learned. I hope this play wins everything going. It richly deserves such recognition.

  2. Did you see it? I went last Sunday and I thought it was excellent. There were a few factual mistakes, but most were trivial - only once did he make a bad point.

    I was surprised by one thing. Not a single mention of the Frankfurt issue, with the vanishing baggage records and the miraculous computer printout that didn't show up for eight months, which was the single piece of evidence even to hint at a Luqa-Frankfurt-Heathrow route. Maybe they thought this was a bridge too far, but with the slide projector and the visial aids it would have been possible to do a fascinating montage of the various bits of circular reasoning that were spun from all this.

    I wish they would televise that play.

  3. "I wish they would televise that play."

    Rolfe...........maybe they will.

  4. Sill blogging here I see Rolfe. I see no difference between what I write here and on Randi!