Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Legal action possible following “biased” STV Lockerbie bombing film

[This is the heading over a press release just issued by the SNP's Christine Grahame MSP. It reads as follows:]

STV may face legal action following the screening of a controversial documentary covering the Lockerbie bombing after the film was described as deeply misleading by an MSP. Christine Grahame has written to STV’s Chief Executive Rob Woodward pointing out that unfounded allegations repeated in the film had previously resulted in legal action from Air Malta. In 1993 the airline won a significant out of court settlement against Granada TV who also claimed the bag containing the bomb had been transported, unaccompanied, on one of their flights. Ms Grahame said:

“I was extremely disappointed when I saw the STV documentary and the one-sided and biased manner in which they recounted the events surrounding the atrocity.

“There remains very serious doubts over the safety of the conviction, but the STV film apparently chose to focus on the controversial and highly disputed claims of the senior investigators.

“There were a number if misleading statements made in the film, but I think the most worrying from STV's perspective will be the unfounded allegation that the case alleged to have carried the bomb, was transported, unaccompanied, on an Air Malta flight.

“When Air Malta sued Granada TV for making the same unfounded allegation the airline was able to prove that all 55 bags that were loaded onto the flight to Frankfurt were ascribed to passengers. Granada TV were forced to settle out of court and pay costs to Air Malta and to this day not a single shred of evidence has ever been produced showing the bomb was on the Air Malta flight.

“I now understand that Air Malta are considering whether to take similar legal action against STV for repeating this unfounded allegation.

“Once again the gaping holes in the case raise serious questions over the safety of the conviction and have exposed the superficiality of the recent STV film.

“In October at a fringe meeting at the SNP Conference in Perth I am planning to hold a screening of another documentary covering the case which raises serious questions over how the police and FBI investigation was handled. The film ... has already won international awards and reveals some shocking new details which cast further doubt over the safety of Mr Megrahi’s conviction. So far no British broadcaster, including STV, has been brave enough to show it.”



    AirMalta Company soll eine neue Schadens Klage einreichen gegen ALLE die behaupten, publizieren und darstellen, dass AirMalta, Flug KM-180 am 21. Dezember 1988 ein "Bomb-Bag" nach Frankfurt transportiert habe, welches angeblich für das PanAm 103 Attentat verwendet wurde.

    Heute kann durch MEBO zweifelsfrei bewiesen werden, dass das angebliche "Bomb-Bag" ein normales on-line Bag war, welches von Berlin (TXL) mit PanAm flight PA-643) in Frankfurt auf PanAm PA-103/B transferiert und in London Heathrow von seiner Besitzerin/Passagierin ausgecheckt wurde!
    Bitte lesen Sie den grossen EBOL Kommentar nach dem Artikel "A tale of three atrocities" auf diesem Bloc vom 17. August 2010.
    sorry this is only a computer "Babylon" translation in language german/english:

    Air Malta company should make new of damage complaint to submit against ALL those maintain, publishes and to represent that Air Malta, flight KM-180 on 21 December 1988; transported a "Bomb Bag" to Frankfurt, which allegedly for the PanAm 103 assassination attempt was used.

    Today it can be free of doubts proven by MEBO that the alleged "Bomb Bag" a normal on-line Bag was, from Berlin (TXL)flight PanAm PA-643 and the Bag was transfered in Frankfurt on PanAm PA-103/B then in London Heathrow were the bag checking out from its owner/Passenger !
    Please read the large EBOL comment after the article "A tale of three atrocities" on this Bloc of 17th August 2010.

    by Edwin & Mahnaz Bollier, MEBO Ltd. Switzerland

  2. I wrote to STV on the night the programme went out. I've had a basic acknowledgement but nothing further yet.

    Good for Christine Grahame, but really, Mr Salmond and Mr MacAskill know it all right now and showing a different documentary in another two months time isn't what I would call the best way forward. What would really help is if she publicly keeps making appeals to both of them to stop making out Scotland has not authority and demand action from Westminster to get an investigation underway with support from the UN.

  3. Eek Professor B, I pressed that link and was transported back to April 2009. I've come back to say I found what was, to me, an astonishing quote from Richard Marquise which states.

    "I will state equivocally one more time, no witness in this case was ever promised or paid any money in return for their testimony. To offer someone money in exchange for pointing the finger at someone would be anathema to any of us in law enforcement This would have been against legal requirements in Scotland--"

    Wow, yet Gauci got $2 million?

    Remember on an earlier thread on the STV programme we were saying he actually hadn't denied outright that Gauci got paid? He said he couldn't discuss it. Well in April 2009 he stated "equivocally" that he didn't get any money.