Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Great trek

This blog is three years old today. It started with two posts entitled “Lockerbie: A satisfactory process but a flawed result” and “The SCCRC Decision”. Both are still worth reading, I think.

It is unlikely that there will be further posts to the blog until Sunday, 11 July at the earliest. I embark today on my return trip from Middelpos to Edinburgh, via Struisbaai, Stellenbosch and Cape Town.


  1. Also well worth a reprise (or first viewing if not seen previously) is this video where George Galloway and Frank Duggan discuss Lockerbie.

  2. Patrick, that was priceless. It's a pity it was Gorgeous George doing the takedown, but I swear Paxman couldn't have done it better.

    I'm simply gobsmacked at Duggan's ignorance of the facts of the case. He keeps saying Megrahi was convicted by eight judges, which he wasn't, and that he lied under oath at the trial - when he didn't give evidence or so much as open his mouth at the trial.

    He believes Gauci gave 19 statements because he was interviewed 19 times because there were 19 different nationalities killed at Lockerbie, "and so of course there are going to be some inconsistencies"! This beggars belief.

    He doesn't even know how many of the families he represents.

    When George starts to point out the initial description of the purchaser, which of course didn't match up to Megrahi at all, he calls Jim Swire and Robert Black cranks and hangs up.

    I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't heard it. People, you have to click on Patrick's link.

  3. Congratulations on three years Prof. Black. Excellent job,youol'"Crank."

    I'll have to check out those links. I've seen his Facebook page actually. I'm aware at least of his lack of sarcasm recognition.

  4. Intriguing to note that one of Frank Duggan's Facebook friends is none other than Ann Korologos, former US Secretary of Labor and Chair of PCAST.

    Which indicates that Mr Duggan might have been involved with PCAST, as the FBI's Oliver 'Buck' Revell certainly was.