Tuesday, 27 July 2010

BP says Hayward won't testify at hearing

BP has said that outgoing chief executive Tony Hayward will not testify at a US Senate hearing examining whether the British oil giant influenced the release of the Lockerbie bomber, the office of Senator Robert Menendez said on Tuesday. (...)

BP has offered to send another representative to testify at Thursday's hearing of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to be chaired by Menendez, an aide to the senator told Reuters, without giving the BP official's name.

[From a Reuters news agency report on the ABC News website.

Perhaps Sen Menendez might learn some lessons or pick up some hints from "What if you threw a party and no-one came?"]


  1. Well it's "postponed" for now. I wonder what the next move will be.

  2. Hayward should be going. He's in a completely different position from UK/Scottish officials because he is heading up a company trading in the US. He probably thought he could escape as part of a crowd saying no to the Senate committee and also because of his imminent departure as head of BP. I hope he is indicted or subpeonaed (whateva the jargon is). It's only fair.