Wednesday, 19 May 2010

UK and US politicians' attitudes on Lockerbie

The most recent post on Caustic Logic's blog The Lockerbie Divide compares and contrasts the stance taken by elected politicians in the United Kingdom and the United States in relation to the Lockerbie case and the conviction of Abdelbaset Megrahi. This interesting piece can be read here.


  1. There's a small mistake in the url for the blog post - add an extra hyphen between "justice" and "congressional".

    "To Support Justice" - The Congressional Consensus

  2. Thanks again, Prof. Black. It seems whenever I venture past what I know well, into the law and politics and history of the case, you'll give me a link. :)
    This one piece is kind of -meh- it was an intro to one article that got too long and broken in four. This article will link to part two and so on, so anyone can follow right through to the more interesting posts from here.

    Trafficant and then a congressional aide and I think that's all that have said anything solid.

    I do find it interesting how lockstep nearly everyone in Congress has been on all of this. And those who break the pattern, they only do so in the wrong ways, IMO. It's almost lockstep there as well - lockstumbling.

    Pretty darn sad, it is.