Sunday, 23 May 2010

Megrahi release "a strategic error by London"

The heart of a Conservative-led foreign policy must be the Special Relationship, the most important and successful partnership of modern times. It is the beating heart of the free world and the engine that drives the global war against Islamist terrorism. Under Obama and Brown, the Anglo–American alliance has been weakened through a combination of Washington’s indifference and a series of strategic errors by London, including the appalling release last year of Libyan Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi. Disappointingly, the US President has never even mentioned Britain in a single major speech, both before and since entering the White House.

The next Prime Minister should make the full restoration of the alliance with the United States a top priority. He should also ensure that Britain’s freedom to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with America is not constrained by the Treaty of Lisbon and the relentless drive toward ever-closer union in Europe.

[I am grateful to Caustic Logic for drawing my attention to the article entitled "Four Key Principles for a Conservative British Foreign Policy" by Nile Gardner, US right-wing pundit and Director of the Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom at The Heritage Foundation. What appears above is the first of his "key principles". It was, of course, the Edinburgh, not the London, Government that took the decision to release Mr Megrahi. But there can be little doubt that if the decision had rested with London, repatriation would have been accomplished considerably sooner than it was, albeit through prisoner transfer rather than compassionate release.

Mr Gardner also blogs on the website of the Conservative-supporting UK newspaper, The Daily Telegraph.]


  1. Why the so-called special relationship be the be-all and end a-all of British foreign policy is a shibboleth of the right. While the relationship is claimed by Britain and disdained by the US Establishment, its practical effect is to allow agencies such as the CIA a clear run for conducting their more odious campaigns - notably the complete Lockerbie foul up, where the Americans were allowed to screw up the Scottish judicial and court system, and utilise a morally bankrupt forensic agency the RARDE for its own ends.

    And at the first half of the weekly Joint Intelligence Committee meeting in Whitehall, the CIA representative is permitted to attend. No such reciprocal arrangement applies for MI6 in Washington.

    Discgraceful, I call it.

  2. Hear, hear Charles!

    Who would have believed it: Mrs T's overpaid, overqualified and overhere pundit, Nile Gardiner, doesn't even know how to spell d e f e n c e?

    Mr Gardiner should have got himself a decent state school education in Britain!

  3. Great comment, Charles. I hadn't realized some of those facts, but it gives me heart.

    The special relationship is clearly quite useful to world such and such, and must be preserved. The UK must stop letting its parts (Scotland, Ireland, Wales) slip away. They must trust American leadership, help keep perceived multilateralism in place, and keep the door to Europe open.

    In general, guys, play your cards right and we might have room in our hearts for 51 states, with Alaska, Hawaii, and Olde England we'll call it as insets. Huh? Just behave right and it could be done...


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