Monday, 3 May 2010

Juval Aviv and the truth about Lockerbie

The above is an English translation of the title of a lengthy post, in Spanish, on the El Mossad blog. Michael Scharf, Jim Swire and I are quoted but, since Spanish is not one of my languages, I am unable to comment further on the piece. For more on Juval Aviv, click here.


  1. I don't think we have many Spanish-speaking contributors here, so I'll vnture an auto-translation reading.

    The title sums it up in that it's a bout two things - Aviv and his claims re: Lockerbie, Warath of God, etc. and doubts about Megrahi's guiilt. The two aren't linked real well, and there's nothing new in either category.

    I think it's saying "here's another bad thing the Mossad did- discredit Juval Aviv and the Truth about Lockerbie." Too bad he's only a clown peddlling fictions. Thank God Spielberg dropped his second planned move on Aviv's tall tales re: Lockerbie. Munich was bad enough, good of a movie as it was...

  2. Pardon my French but "quel tas de vieux cobblers" ou bien "c'est de la couillonnade" Monsieur Aviv!

    Loosely translated from the Spanish, it means that Juval Aviv is anxious for us to lend him a load of shekels.

    Please re-address your loan request to the Greek government, Mr Aviv.

  3. Aviv and the truth - inimical

    I was coincidentally working on this post:
    The Drug Swap Theory

  4. That's a very good article, CL.

  5. Thanks, Rolfe. That means a lot coming from you. Was afraid it was too long, but the issue deserves it I think.