Wednesday, 14 April 2010

"Lockerbie Revisited" nominated for Rockie

Gideon Levy's Dutch television documentary Lockerbie Revisited has been nominated for a Rockie (the most prestigious international television award) at the 2010 Banff World Television Awards in the category Investigative and Current Affairs Programs. In October 2009 the documentary won the Prix Europa for the best television current affairs programme of the year.

The programme has never been broadcast on a United Kingdom television channel nor, I believe, in the United States. It can, however, be viewed here.


  1. Strange, none of the links to the video "Lockerbie Revisited, or to Gideon Levy's interviews with Prof. Black and Dr Swire seem to work.

    What's going on?

  2. Not so strange. This is one of the ways the intelligence services manipulate.


    Für den zukünftigen offiziellen Umbau der "Lockerbie-Lüge" haben die falschen arroganten *Behauptungen von ex FBI spezial Agent und Task Force Chief, Richard A. Marquise, in Gideon Levy's Filmdokument, 'Lockerbie-Revisited', keinen Platz !
    In einem Dialog behauptete Marquise : "Für das PanAm 103 Attentat, welches mit Hilfe eines MEBO MST-13 Timer ausgeführt wurde, sei dafür nur Libya verantwortlich".
    Hier liegt die Begründung, wehalb die Links zum Film "Lockerbie Revisited" gekappt wurden...

    Sorry only a computer "Babylon" translation, german/english:

    For the future official change in the "Lockerbie-Lie" have the wrong arrogant *claim from ex FBI Special Agent and Task Force Chief, Richard A. Marquise, in Gideon Levy's film document of 'Lockerbie-Revisited' no place!
    *In a dialogue Marquise stated: "for the PanAm 103 assassination attempt, with the help of a MEBO MST-13 timer is implemented, only Libya was responsible".

    Here the reason lies, why on the left of to the film " Lockerbie Revisited" were cut…

    by Edwin and Mahnaz Bollier, MEBO Ltd., Switzerland. URL:

  4. VPRO Backlight's Lockerbie Revisited video can now be viewed here.

  5. It was a great show, innovative and relevant, despite its narrow focus - did the chip cross the Atlantic? - being so banal. Please, if that thing can withstand 500 grams Semtex-H 1.5 inches away, nothing any Yanks can do to it will make it any faker. I find the Henderson - Marquise duo almost as ridiculous drawing attention to this issue by pretending not to - almost reminds me of another duo of Ranke and Marquis. "Megrahi dunnit and no hidden holes left" is the Pentagon Flyover Theory of the Lockerbie Truth Movement, where the conspiracy theorists are actually writing the history. So far, anyway...

    I dug the show's interview approach of confronting people with others' words, for interactive effect. But I hope they fixed where they say timer fragment and show radio circuit board (AG/145) instead. When the show is about the timer bit, one should know what it looks like at least.

  6. One of things that intrigues me about Lockerbie Revisited is the 'timing' of its broadcast in Holland: 27 April 2009 - the day before Abdelbaset's second appeal began at the High Court in Edinburgh. Another is the fact that its little-known Dutch director and narrator, Gideon Levy, has a very famous Israeli namesake.

    I hope the documentary film is successful at the Banff World Television Awards in the category 'Investigative and Current Affairs Programs'. If, however, there happens to be a Rockie category 'Best Dialogue on TV', I would nominate author and journalist Ian Ferguson who concludes Lockerbie Revisited by declaring:

    "This could bring an end to the appeal. If the Crown knew that this was all going to be heard in public, they may well drop their opposition to the appeal and Megrahi goes free. That's how f*****g important it is. This could bring the Scottish judicial system and the FBI into f*****g complete disrepute, and frankly they would not want this linen to be washed in public!"

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