Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Newsnight Lockerbie segment postponed

I understand that the Newsnight report on the Lockerbie evidence, which was due to be broadcast tonight, has been postponed because of a breaking political story in the UK. It will probably be broadcast on Friday, 8th January).


  1. Et voilĂ !

    The Lockerbie segment of tonight's Newsnight programme is postponed.

    Now let's see if it is broadcast on Thursday instead.

    Or, will a BBC bigwig decide that 'Flaws' in key Lockerbie evidence is too controversial ever to be shown?

  2. I will be watching Thursday...!

  3. Permanent postponement is not impossible. I llok forward to reports on it and seeing it if I can. (US).

  4. So, the Newsnight programme was broadcast, including comments by Robert Black and Jim Swire. Excellent.

    Also, Peter Marshall did interview the FBI's political scientist, Tom Thurman. But not DC Gilchrist. Nor Dr Thomas Hayes or Alan Feraday.

    Is there going to be a part two of 'Flaws' in key Lockerbie evidence? I hope so!

  5. I look forward, as a person outside the UK, to any hard details anyone can provide (exact quotes transcribed for key parts). Most important is what' new, the tests especially, and how they were done.

    Scotsman's got a new piece on it:
    A Crown Office spokeswoman pointed out that Dr Wyatt had never examined the actual timer that was used as evidence.

    She added that "extensive" tests were carried out on the fragment in the United States.

    It's like dyslexia but with people instead of letters.