Saturday, 12 December 2009

A treat from Caustic Logic

The three most recent Lockerbie-related posts on Adam (Caustic Logic) Larson's blog The 12/7-9/11 Treadmill and Beyond are a delight. They can be read here, here and here.

I am confident that all of my readers, unlike some of those commenting directly on Adam's posts, will appreciate his beguiling irony.



    The Lockerbie-Conspiracy against Libya was constructed on a sea of lies!
    We'd better keep quit about it ? No !
    Injustice must not be silent … please visit our website:

    by Edwin and Mahnaz Bollier, MEBO Ltd., Switzerland

  2. And in case you just can't get enough ebol stuff, here are some other pages you may appreciate:

    But seriously, it's a de-rail. I take it Mr. Bollier, you won't be signing the informal petition, as Mr. Duggan has, for Malta to acknowledge its subservience to Libya and its culpability for Lockerbie? And maybe for the UK to reacquire Malta?

    Crap, apology. I'm already confusing native English-speakers. Mr. Bollier, these posts are all sarcasm, or "sarkasmus." Huh, that's about the same. So we're all on the same page, eh? :)

  3. I think prof. Black's intro was better than these bloated piles of obnoxiousness really merit, but there was a bright idea at the root, and I appreciate he spotted it.

    The others did not. Anonymous on post 1, "charles" and Michael Follon on the third, callled me out for pushing the official story. Of course I was pushing it through deep mud. (Charles gets it now). Frank Duggan, president of "Victims of PanAm 103 Inc." also did not seem to grasp it. I think he liked that I was comparing Tonio Borg with German "holocaust deniers" for refusing to admit the bomb originated on his Island.

    This is hardly dreadful, it is a welcome change from the bilge we have to read from the Libya shills. They have no shame and cannot be embarrassed by the facts. Thank you for your efforts to publish the truth, you are like a breath of fresh air.

    Actually it was a fart in his face. I'm undecided whether he is really that dumb or was hitting me back with sarcasm. If so it doesn't use the power of the medium very well. My question back, no response yet:

    Mr. Duggan - did you or did you not lose anyone you cared about in the crash on PA103? That is, are you a victim, or just the president of a victim's corporation, apparently designed to squeeze money from Libya? I only ask because I'm trying to understand your mindset and motives.