Thursday, 31 December 2009

Thank you

Sincere thanks to all those commentators who have debated and disputed, informed and entertained on this blog in the course of 2009. Lang may your lums reek!

"A guid new year to ane an' a'
An' mony may ye see,
An' during a' the years to come,
O happy may ye be.
An' may ye ne'er hae cause to mourn,
To sigh or shed a tear;
To ane an' a' baith great an' sma'
A hearty guid New Year."


  1. Thanks professor Black, for staying true and being a swell guy! Best wishes to all people and beings, for whatever that's worth! Happy New Year!

  2. BTW that's awesome how you can write with an accent. You should patent that method and make a bundle.

  3. "The most disgraceful miscarriage of justice in Scotland for 100 years. ... Every lawyer who has ... read the judgment says: 'this is nonsense'. It is nonsense. It really distresses me; I won't let it go."

    You kept your word. If we on one hand count the top of those who deserve most credit for their success in informing the world that Megrahi was wrongfully convicted, you would be one of them - even if more than half of the fingers should be missing.

    In a year that is likely to be the last for Megrahi this work is more important than ever.

  4. The same tae you, Professor Black, and mony o them!

    Caustic Logic, the rhyme Professor Black quoted is a common New Year greeting in Scotland. It has a tune and everything. And it's not "an accent". It's a language called Scots.

  5. Haha! You sound Scandinavian with that font.
    Seriously tho, it is good to learn. If that's actual Scots, it's depressingly similar to English. Perhaps I will learn it for next year. We Americans love to steal things like that.

    For the accent, I'm mixing Sean Connery and Shrek.