Thursday, 23 July 2009

Harris book sheds new light on Lockerbie bombing case

[This is the heading over a press release intimating the publication of a new book by Paul Harris. The release reads as follows:]

A book, written by former journalist and intelligence analyst Paul Harris, produces new evidence that the Libyan Abdel Baset al-Megrahi was wrongly convicted of the Lockerbie bombing. This information comes as the Scottish Justice Minister, Kenny MacAskill is poised to intervene in the case.

The author of More Thrills than Skills: Adventures in Journalism, War & Terrorism says that the evidence of the key witness in the 2001 Camp Zeist trial must be regarded as “deeply suspect”. Swiss businessman Edwin Bollier testified that a piece of electronic circuit board found later at the crash site near Lockerbie was made by his company and supplied to the Libyans. Harris reveals that he investigated Bollier for MI6, the British intelligence agency, in the early 1970s, long before the Lockerbie bombing.

Harris regards the circuit board evidence as unreliable. Far more convincing, he says, is other evidence found at the crash site indicating that a Toshiba cassette recorder, planted by the Damascus-based terror group PFLP-GC, was responsible for the explosion aboard Pan Am 103.

Harris’s personal experiences in relation to the case are recounted in More Thrills than Skills, pages 39-47 (published by Kennedy & Boyd, Glasgow/

Bio note: Paul Harris worked as Specialist Contributor Terrorism & Counter Insurgency for Janes Intelligence Review 1993-2003. He was also a contributing foreign correspondent for Sky News, The Scotsman and Scotland on Sunday, and Colombo correspondent for The Daily Telegraph (2001-2).

The book launch takes place at 10 London Street, Edinburgh, on July 22 at 1830 hours ...

[A short press release cannot be expected to descend into minutiae; but the sentence about Ed Bollier's evidence is hardly an accurate reflection of his testimony at Zeist.]



    The book "New Light on Lockerbie-bombing Case" from ex MI6 investigator, Paul Harris (Colombo) and the video documentation "Air Crash Investigation Lockerbie" pt1-pt5, from a former student, alias, "CaptainFox91," is an example for a professional disinformation campaign of secret services. This alleged truth story is based on official reports and aywitness accounts, mixed with deliberately wrong and manipulated evidences!

    To whom the crime of PanAm 103 drops back, if it is judicially confirmed that the manipulated MST-13 timer fragment (PT-35 (B) does not descendent of a timer was supplied to Libya ?
    By the way had Paul Harris in the court Kamp van Zeist slept, when about the timer fragment MST-13 was spoken, or is it maliciousness?

    Dear UN Observer Professor Dr. Hans Koechler, please can you help with your knowledge, thereby the bad situation of Mr. Abdelbaset Al Megrahi can take an fast end, many thanks.

    Dear CIA chief Leon Panetta your next invitation programme lines up to PanAm 103/Lockerbie-Affair...
    Apology the German translation in English was translated by the computer (babylon

    by Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd. Switzerland

  2. The following extract from the Wikipedia article on Radio North Sea International (RNI), the pirate radio station owned by Edwin Bollier and Erwin Meister, reveals how Paul Harris "investigated Bollier for MI6, the British intelligence agency, in the early 1970s, long before the Lockerbie bombing":

    "Paul Harris's book 'Broadcasting from the High Seas' (published in 1976 in Edinburgh by Paul Harris Publishing, ISBN 0-904505-07-3) suggests the UK government suspected RNI's shortwave equipment was being used to send coded messages to unfriendly countries, in particular to the German Democratic Republic (GDR).

    "A collage of 1970s archive material related to the suspicion that RNI might have been a front for GDR spying activities as a numbers station concludes with a BBC Radio Humberside interview on 30 August 2004 in which RNI's DJ Steve Merike, a bizarre choice to 'disprove' the rumours, sought to dispel the spy ship theory ( RNI: A front for GDR spying activities?). Also in Dutch newspaper [[De Telegraaf]] stories about the espionage occurred, about which Meister & Bollier and DJ Andy Archer complained at the Council of Journalists ( Raad voor de Journalistiek).

    "Harris also claimed RNI's joint owner, Edwin Bollier, vowed to take revenge on the British government because he felt RNI had been singled out for jamming.

    "Harris's theories are controversial and there has never been any hard evidence to support them."

  3. MISSION LOCKERBIE: thanks Mr Patrick Haseldine.

    The ex MI6 investigator, Paul Harris with his book opens
    new nasty facts:

    On the 18th of June 1970, a General Election was held in the UK
    and prior to this date, for the coast of London, the radio station on the ship Ms. MEBO II, of MEister & BOllier, (MEBO) embarked on a unique attempt to influence the outcome of it by broadcasting anti Labour and pro Conservative propaganda.
    Labour was the loser and the Consevative party policy was to establish local land-based commercial radio in the UK.
    The MEBO radio station was never working in communication as an spy-ship for East Germany DDR! This was an malicious lie propoganda of MI6 officials!
    Early in 1977, the radio shiph Mebo II, were sold to Libya and sailed, to Tripoli. Mebo II, was renamed as El Fatah. El Fatah then broadcast as Radio Jamharia with programmes such as the Arab Voice, Libya.
    For Edwin Bollier its obviously, 1989 it was a late nasty revenge of the Labour government, for the defeat with the general Election, the company MEBO Ltd. to entangled into the PanAm 103 tragedy, with a falsified MST-13 timer fragment !

    by Edwin Bollier, MEBO Ltd., Switzerland
    (Babel Fish computer translating, german/english)

  4. On the one hand, Edwin Bollier is obviously wrong: there was a Conservative government at Westminster from 1979 to 1997. Therefore, 1989 could not have been "a late nasty revenge of the Labour government, for the defeat with the general Election, the company MEBO Ltd. to entangled into the PanAm 103 tragedy, with a falsified MST-13 timer fragment!"

    On the other hand, Edwin Bollier is probably right about revenge being the motive for fitting-up MEBO, Megrahi and Libya for the Lockerbie bombing. At Christmas 1988, prime minister Margaret Thatcher would certainly have been in the mood for revenge. On 13 December 1988, the Irish government had announced its refusal to extradite Father Patrick Ryan to Britain to face terrorism charges. British intelligence knew all about Fr Ryan's links with Libya, which had supplied arms and explosives to the IRA, and that for years he had been obtaining bomb-making equipment from Switzerland and elsewhere for the IRA. During the failed extradition proceedings, it was reported that Ryan was suspected of supplying the explosive and the sophisticated timer for the 1984 Brighton bombing, which was targeted upon Mrs Thatcher and her cabinet.

    So, if we can't get them in revenge for the Brighton bombing, let's get them for the Lockerbie bombing!