Sunday, 24 February 2008

Miliband has made Lockerbie appeal a mockery of justice

This is the headline over an editorial in today’s issue of The Sunday Herald. The paper is (justifiably) scathing about the UK Foreign Secretary’s having signed a public interest immunity (PII) certificate in an attempt to prevent disclosure of the document (relating to timers) that has been in the hands of the Crown since 1996 (before the Lockerbie trial) but which has not been divulged to the defence (as the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission believes it should have been). It expresses the view that it is outrageous for the UK Government to seek to prevent the Scottish Appeal Court having access to the foreign document even though the SCCRC took the view that a verdict reached in ignorance of it might have amounted to a miscarriage of justice. See

The Sunday Herald also has an article on the same subject by John Bynorth. Its principal focus is the contrast between the Scottish Government’s volubility in criticizing the UK Government over the prisoner transfer issue and its silence when confronted by the UK Government’s attempt to interfere in Scottish criminal proceedings by denying the defence and the court access to a document whose disclosure an independent body (the SCCRC) has indicated is necessary for justice to be done. Tony Kelly (Abdelbaset Megrahi’s solicitor) is extensively quoted, as are Dr Jim Swire and myself. See

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